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KCW Summer 2013 – Day 2 (and a flipped Roller Skate dress)

It’s KCW Day 2 and I’m still here!

For day 2, I finally managed to complete a flipped version of Oliver+S Roller Skate dress for this month  Flip this Pattern Sew-along (if you miss it, go check it, because the inspiration is amazing).

Flip this pattern OSversion1#1

I started this version a couple of weeks ago but up until yesterday the side bows were still to be attached (isn’t it funny, how most of the project are left unfinished just because of tiny details?).

Initially I wanted to combine the drape of the Oliver+S Roller Skate dress with the cute (and perfect for summer) yoke of the Badminton dress/top.

My inspirational motto: If one Oliver+S pattern is great, 2 Oliver+S patterns would be even better, right? (even with some minor changes included).

I also wanted to use some of the Liberty small pieces that I refuse to throw away (and that were begging to be used, lol) and paired them with a summer fabric that could let them shine.

The seersucker was of course the obvious option. I love seersucker for summer as it’s so fresh and crispy.

Roller Skate Meets Badminton#1

Some pattern adjustments were needed as the top part of the pattern was fully redrafted: skipped the cap sleeves, added seam allowances to the armholes to replace the missing armhole band of the badminton dress and gathered the top of the (new) dress to accommodate the yoke. For adding the lace trimming, I just added a few inches to the initial elastic waistband.

Roller skate Meets Badminton#3

The back piece of the dress was also adjusted: the buttonhole opening was removed.

Roller Skate Back

Unlike the Badminton top, the new Roller Skate/Badminton version is fully lined (with white voile) so it’s bond to get a bit bulky at the yoke (you do need to trim the seam allowances  …)

Flip this pattern OSversion1#2

My main concern, once it was done: Getting the approval of it’s new owner!

To date, the only dress she refused to wear was made of seersucker with a floral trim. She called it a nightgown and never wore it. And yes, when it comes to sewing, I don’t always learn from my mistakes, so I was a bit expectant of her reaction.

She loved and volunteer to take some pictures after school (trust me, this never happens. Never).

Flip this pattern OSversion1#3

(PS: Just for the record, she’s not sad in the pictures. It’s just her new model posing …).
I love this dress and I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a couple of similar versions soon – it’s girly (but not to much), light (it has a voile lining and the seersucker and tana yoke make it very suitable for our warm weather) and quite adorable (my opinion, of course).

So there you have it KCW Summer 2013 – Day 2 accomplished.

KCW Summer 2013                  

See you tomorrow (I’m sure you’ll love it …)

Ana Sofia


32 thoughts on “KCW Summer 2013 – Day 2 (and a flipped Roller Skate dress)

  1. I looooove it! The badminton is so pretty, I have to get that pattern next. I am working on roller skate right now, but I don’t think I will make the deadline for flipping it 🙂

    Beautiful work!

  2. Love this dress:) So pretty!!! You are amazing:):) happy your little one loves it granddaughter is currently only wearing knit dresses! I’ve tried every form of bribery and she tells me, ” thank you for making these beautiful dresses grandma, I’ll wear one tomorrow” I’m still waiting for her tomorrow:):)

    1. Lol (I love your dresses!)
      TO be honest, I don’t think she would have other option – I don’t buy her dresses anymore 🙂
      It will eventually (and it will surely break my hearth …)

  3. that dress is brilliant – i love how you combined the two patterns! the fabrics are really wonderful together.

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