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The Bateau Neck Top (Pattern testing)

Boat neck#11

Warming: This is a post about a knit top pattern  🙂

I bet you weren’t expecting a knit top pattern review from me, right?

Yet again, when Anneliese (from the Aesthetic Nest) selected me for testing her new pattern, I jumped at the opportunity …

When she send me the PDF pattern file and I realized it was a knit top, I got a bit anxious. Yet, and if you are familiar Anneliese sense of style, you know I couldn’t really miss the opportunity.

The Bateau Neck Top is the adorable (and very clever) first pattern introducing the Wee Muses Sewing Patterns line from Anneliese and it features quite a few adorable details: boat-neck, three-quarter sleeves and several additional variations: Classic Bateau Neck Top, Bateau Neck Top with pockets, Ruffled Bateau Neck Top, Pleated Bateau Neck Top and Button-back Bateau Neck Top (yeah, these many variations are included in the pattern).

I had seen some previews of the top before in her blog and I knew it would be lovely for my kids (yes, this top is also fitted for boys!)

While my experience sewing with knits was (still is) very limited (2/3 previous basic pieces) I was keen on testing this top.

The reason for my lack of experience with knits is mainly because sourcing for knits in my local shops is quite an adventure (and international shipping is often not a good option for buying knits) – limited choices, poor quality and a whole lot of sellers trying to persuade me to go to retail shops, instead (“Why do you want to sew with knits, if it’s far less expensive to buy them at (insert a widely popular clothing store name here and you get the picture)?“).

I didn’t even had enough knit fabric in my stash to sew the top.

Yet, after reading the pattern, I realized it was also possible to sew this top using … wool!

Perfect indeed as I had a small piece of cashmere/wool blend that would be lovely (despite the 46ºC / 108ºF outside).

Of course, I had to choose the Ruffled Bateau Neck Top because I’m a strong believer that everything looks nicer with a ruffle (if you don’t overdue it, it will be a perfect accent). 

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get proper pictures of this top (the light pink color is too pale and inside pictures with flash light always look awful), but hopefully it give you an idea of how it looks:


I even manage to get a few action pictures during a recent photo session (right in the midst of a recent heat wage. My girl was just awesome!)

Boat  neck#6

To be honest, I was happy with the wool version, (which will be getting much wear on much cooler days)  but really wanted to test a knit version.

So, I asked a few friends (the sewing community is awesome) and found a lovely knit in a fabric shop close to where I live (bonus: the ladies there were super nice and truly impressed with the fact that I was actually sewing clothes for my kids).

I was looking for navy stripes (think about the basic french tee) but this was the close I could get. Still, I was super pleased with the results 🙂

These were my final versions:

the Ruffled Bateau Neck Top for my girl and

Boat neck#10

The Basic Bateau Neck Top for my boy.

Boat neck#8

Both tops were made from 1 yard of knit fabric.

If you already sew with knits, you don’t really need me to tell you how fast and easy it was to make these.

I only used my regular sewing machine with a knit needle. I was too lazy to use the twin-needle so I stitch two rows to replicate the effect (next time, I’ll be using the twin-needle).

I’m quite at the beginner level (sewing with knits) and yet each top took me about 1 hour from cutting to model. The ruffle took a bit more (like 15 minutes more), but I believe this variation looks adorable on little girls.

Boat neck#4

Anneliese instructions are great, very detailed and there’s even a section on tips for sewing with knits.

Plus if you don’t really sew/love knits, you can always sew the Button-back variation with a woven fabric.

Boat neck collage#2

We all love the results and I’m already stashing on knits for the next versions.

As they always say: Happy mum, Happy kids!

PS. I almost forgot: Anneliese is running a giveaway on her blog. She is offering a copy of the PDF pattern to two randomly selected readers (find out more here and take a few minutes to check all her lovely versions of this top. You will love it!).

Enjoy your weekend,

Ana Sofia

14 thoughts on “The Bateau Neck Top (Pattern testing)

  1. Ficou tão giro, Sofia! Tens razão, encontrar tecidos de malha giros e de boa qualidade é uma aventura! Eu ainda só fiz uma t-shirt para mim (mesmo antes de ter engravidado) com as clássicas riscas azuis-escuras e brancas (um look muito bretão!). E não foi especialmente difícil!

    1. Eu lembro-me dessa t-shirt! Ficou super gira!
      Corri meia Lisboa (e arredores) à procura de riscas azuis-escuras e brancas. Ainda assim, não desgosto do resultado e tenho a certeza que estas não foram as últimas – super rápido e facil 🙂

  2. Last photo of your daughter and son looks like it’s from a catalogue of designer children’s clothing! The bright aqua striped knit fabric is FAB! The white ruffle on the neckline for your girl’s bateau adds femininity. 1 hour for a new classic & versatile top…WOW! I have seen several of Anneliese’s pattern testing for this Bateau Neck Top, including her own. BRAVO! Sarah, Minneapolis

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