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Hanami Blog Tour

I’m currently without my sewing machine (a much postponed servicing was needed and I must admit I’m not dealing very well with this “forced separation”), but in the few weeks before I was able to test a couple of lovely patterns.

Today, I’m so happy to present the most recent Straight Grain pattern, the Hanami dress and top.

I’ve tested for An’s before (here and here), but to be honest I am always eager to test her new patterns, so when she contacted me for the Hanami pattern I was so ready for it!! I might be repeating myself, but every new pattern from An, becomes a favorite of mine. The Hanami was no exception – it’s such a wonderful pattern.

(It may sound odd as we never meet in “real life”, but somehow it feels like we know each other for ages. An is such a great friend and she’s always available for sharing tips and advise).

I had seen previews of the Hanami pattern on her blog before, so I knew what to expect: a great pattern embedded with An’s wonderful sense of style and , again, lots of options included).

hanami button

I knew immediately I wanted to sew the top version: my girl has enough dresses for summer (ok, maybe she could use a couple more, but let’s not talk about it now. No sewing machine, no sewing. Right?) and she’s running short on tops and blouses (she always grows faster than I sew …).

Also, I wanted to use a lovely Japanese voile I had in my stash (Lecien, Memoire a Paris, I think) before there was not enough to sew anything from it (I had less than 1/2 yard, so my sewing options with a growing kid were getting slim).

This pattern has the option of a peter pan collar (too cute), but I wanted to test the crossed back option, so no collar for me.

For the sleeves, I choose the flutter sleeves. However this was not an easy option, the tulip sleeves (also included in the pattern) are also so cute and I may need to test them (soon).

Here’s my final version:


The Hanami has an optional side bow and, of course, I just couldn’t miss it 🙂 It’s so cute!

I still can’t believe how easy it is for me to fall for bows 🙂 I’m pretty sure I’m getting older, but any piece of clothing with a bow is bond to be added to my wardrobe (and my girl’s).

But, isn’t this the most adorable side bow ever?


As usual with An’s previous patterns, the Hanami pattern is a pdf file with easy to follow (step-by-step) color instructions and full scale pieces.

The top version was truly easy to complete (it took me a bit over 2 hours, but I was taking my time) and I had no major issues.

Hanami tile

As for the verdict of the final user: She loves it!

Cool enough to be worn on a park play visit and stylish enough to wear on a date in the city with mum 🙂

Hanami_Ana Sofia#3

Sometimes, summer sewing is all about making everything simplier: just put together a great pattern with a pretty fabric and your girl is ready to play.

Simple and sweet, right?

Hanami Collage

On a final note, don’t forget to check An’s blog for the next days. She’s showing off all the testers versions of the Hanami pattern (40 versions! that’s quite a lot of inspiration) and so far I’ve been awe with what I’ve seen.

(PS. Just in case you wonder, more details on the shorts can be found here). 

Enjoy you summer sewing ♥

Ana Sofia

36 thoughts on “Hanami Blog Tour

    1. lol
      I really couldn’t leave the side bow out!
      If there’s a bow, I’ll certainly add it (and if there isn’t a bow, I might find a good excuse to add it as well)

    1. Thank you so much Justine! Yes, the fit is great on her – and I’m hoping she can still wear it for quite a while (summer here goes until the end of October, so hopefully this will last her the entire season).

  1. You’re right … the bow is spectacular! and so is your version of the top. I’m so glad you paired the top with those shorts, I was thinking of making some of those shorts for my girls and I’m so happy to see they go beautifully with Hanami (because I’ll definitely be making more of Hanami’s too!)

    1. Thank you so much Suz!!
      PS: She’s been getting great comments on her Debbie dress (we’re currently on holiday) everywhere we go 🙂

  2. Thank you so much dear Ana Sofia for your lovely post! I LOVE the classic, romantic Ana Sofia version of the Hanami. The color of the bow is so well-chosen. As usual, you were a supertester. And an amazing friend 🙂 an xo

    1. Thank you an! Of course, it’s always easier when you have a good pattern to work with 🙂
      Congratulations again on the new addition to your pattern collection! 🙂 ana sofia xo

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