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Tinny flip – Let the voting begin …

If you follow FrancesSuzanne blog you may already be addicted to the Flip This Pattern series.

This month, was my time to flip the Tinny dress and for the 1st time, I decided to share the design options with my daughter!

It was so much fun and we both loved the result.

For the next couple of days, you can pick your favorite flip (I know, it’s so difficult) and cast your vote here (voting closes on August 25 and I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one).

You can read my full post bellow. Enjoy!

Ana Sofia

♥   ♥    ♥    ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

I’ve been following An’s blog for quite a while and I’m truly an admirer of her unique/Belgian sense of style. I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester for her Tinny dress before it was released a couple of months ago and I was eager to make another version for my girl.

So, needless to say, flipping the Tinny looked perfect to me.

Obviously, it only took me 5 seconds to realize how wrong I was!!

First, because this is a difficult pattern to flip (the original pattern already includes 4 different collars, 2 types of sleeves and 3 skirts styles for a total of 168 different looks with just one pattern. Yeap, that many!!), and second, because this month competitors are among the most amazing seamstress I know – I follow their blogs and I’m always amazed by their creativity.

Of course, if you look at the bright side, at least you know that there will be quite a few gorgeous flips this month J

For my Tinny flip version I decided to do something I usually don’t do: I asked my daughter what was her favorite part of the dress and promised her that that would be the “one” feature I was not going to change.


You may have guessed by now what was her favourite feature: the circle skirt (yes, An got it right in her introductory post. Little girls love to twirl!!).


Keeping the circle skirt left me with fewer options (because it’s such a strong feature), yet I still managed to incorporate a few of my favorite things as well:

A set of delicate petal-shaped sleeves

I drafted the sleeve piece based on a Japanese book. The sleeves are fully lined and although I decided not to use piping for this version, I suppose this would be a lovely addition to a future version (it could be okay, if I had skipped the lace at the neckline, right? With the lace, I think it would be “too much”).


lower neckline at the front and a v-neck back, framed with a lovely double cotton lace (which is fast becoming my summer sewing trademark)


The neckline in the original Tinny is much closer because of the collar. As I was not including a collar, I decided to lower the front neckline a bit and drafted the v-neck back following a softer line (she’s only 5 and I was not really looking for anything too dramatic). I got my inspiration from a couple of vintage sewing patterns, which are also among my favorite (sewing) things.


And finally, a bold white sash making this dress even more adorable.

I sew the sash front directly on the bodice and gathered the sash ties at the waistline. I drafted quite a big sash in order to achieve a big bow at the back (sorry, couldn’t helped. I love big bows).

A few additional mods to the original pattern include the hidden buttonhole in the back (instead of the invisible zipper. I used 2 small buttons) and the handmade bias tape for the neckline using the same fabric of the dress (to add contrast).

The fabrics used were also selected by my daughter (based on a pre-selection made by me). I was not surprised by her choices as I knew she would select a blue palette (Hint: what’s the color of Cinderella’s dress?). We used a pale blue organic cotton bought from a local shop for the dress and white pique cotton for the sash.  The dress bodice is also fully lined with white cotton batiste for added comfort.


As promised to my little girl, the circle skirt was left unchanged and so lots and lots of twirls did occur during this photo session …

Tinny flip

Unfortunately we had to stick with indoor pictures as it was raining outside.

PS. It was fun to flip the Tinny, but to be honest the most delightful part was to see how excited my daughter was when she saw the completed dress in the morning and couldn’t wait to try it on. I wish I could freeze that moment …

Thank you Ashley and Emily for inviting me! Hope you love my flip as much as we do!!

10 thoughts on “Tinny flip – Let the voting begin …

  1. I voted for your ‘flip’. I liked that you kept the essence of the pattern (especially the twirly skirt which is the best part!) making simple modifications to the sleeves, bodice back and front neckline. The lace and sash gives the dress a delicate heirloom feel to it. It’s simply a lovely and no wonder your daughter couldn’t wait to try it on!

    1. Thank you for your vote Deb!
      Keeping the twirly skirt was mandatory (Love your version for the sew-along. That was super fast and so beautiful)!

  2. I love your version of the tinny.I did vote for you and I hope you win; the dress remains me to Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, very beautiful and feminine.

    1. Thank you so much!!
      I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but I know it will not be easy 🙂
      It does have a resemblance to Alice in Wonderland’s dress (and Cinderella, so I’ve been told by a cute little girl that is seriously in love with her new dress …)

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