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It’s Playtime :-)

Earlier this month Oliver+S released their fall 2013 patterns and the Playtime dress, tunic and leggings really caught my eyes (of course, it wasn’t the only one, but let’s take them one at a time).

Usually, Oliver+S patterns have quite a few (clever) details that take sewing for children into another level, but the Playtime pattern features a (great) simple design and that’s really why I find it a “must-have”.

The dress/tunic features a basic loose-fitting style, that I find perfect to be layered with almost anything (pants, leggings (pattern also included), shorts and even skirts) and fitted to almost every occasion (just pick your fabric accordingly). Yet don’t be mistaken, as most things in life, sometimes simple is better.

And obviously, Oliver+S has the bonus of Liesl flawless instructions, so I knew I couldn’t get it wrong.

I love the timeless lines of the tunic/dress as I’ve been looking for a similar Japanese pattern for quite a while.


I ordered the pdf version (which I highly recommended it, specially if it will be shipped internationally because of the shipping costs) and, in a blink of an eye, I managed to sew the tunic version with just 1-meter of fabric (it’s a size 5).

I used a Liberty print from eBay (name unknown. Enid, maybe?) which was quite a deal (this was 1/3 of the retail Liberty price, shipping included).


For adding interest, the pattern calls for contrasting stitching around the neck and back, which I’m quite sure would look very nice (specially if you play a bit with it, like Liesl suggested in this pattern introductory post). However, I have to confess, I couldn’t bear to do it. I used a similar thread for my stitching so no contrast for me. Maybe next time …

It turned out exactly how as expected: classic design and with loose enough to add a lace blouse underneath when it gets colder.

If you’re looking for a basic pattern that would be perfect for showing a beautiful/favorite print, this may be the one.

As expected, the instructions were great and the fit was perfect on my girl. I can’t get enough of the skirt gathers at the front …

Playtime_Front detail#1

and back …

Playtime_Back detail#1

Unfortunately, my little girl was not as cooperative as to model it (the fact that it’s still too hot for fall clothes might have been used as an excuse).

Playtime Model

Ops, did I also mentioned it has pockets?

Playtime PocketsWell, fall sewing season is just about to start around (despite the summer weather outside and my model mood). And I’m pretty sure, there will be more Playtime (tunics and dresses) to come.

And that’s a promise 🙂

Playtime model#3

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia

52 thoughts on “It’s Playtime :-)

    1. Thank you Rachel! I ordered it during the week and almost couldn’t wait for the weekend to work on it (of course, I knew exactly which fabric to use).
      I love your version – It’s stunning and looks so great on your girl (I need to make a dress version next).

  1. CLASSIC pattern from Oliver+S sewn with a lovely Liberty of London small floral print… and modeled by your daughter! PERFECT INDEED! I know Liberty of London fabrics… soft 100% finely woven cotton, gorgeous and worth the higher cost, but I have never sewn an Oliver+ S pattern. The numerous colors make this Playtime tunic/dress so VERSATiLE with any color pants and leggings. BRAVO many times for your efforts… and GREAT PHOTOS!
    Sarah Helene in Minneapolis, MN

  2. It would make an easy and very cute dress. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. I love your version!

  3. Beautiful dress, gorgeous fabric and I love seeing the fit on your model. My little girls would love this and it’s just the kind of thing I love seeing them in.

    1. Thank you Hillary!
      I’m sure she also loves it and it will be worn a lot – yet, the fabric selection was entirely mine (I’m quite sure she would pick something with dolls or pink-only)

    1. lol
      You’re my sewing hero (just in case you don’t know it by now…)
      To be honest this piece of Liberty was less expensive than an imported quilting cotton from a local shop. I love eBay auctions (and not only for liberty), but one needs to have patience and be “open” to new prints (I didn’t knew this one, but it’s so beautiful. I was in awe when it arrived).

      1. I agree, I have a nice little collection purchased from UK eBay. I just received a parcel of baby pink and baby blue Capel to make Lidia and Matilda Music Class blouses.

  4. That’s so lovely – But now I’m going to HAVE to add this pattern to my ever growing sewing list! I love back-opening buttons, and also tunic length styles like this. They are as pretty as dresses but so much more practical for my very active little girl, particularly in the autumn.

    1. Thank you Victoria! I feel your pain (my sewing list is always growing), but at least I know I’ll be using this pattern for quite a few years …
      Can’t wait to see your version 🙂

    1. Thank so much for Todd.
      Although, to be honest it does take a great pattern to achieve great results! This pattern is amazing (not that I would expect anything less from you…)

    1. Obrigada Carla! Foi uma sorte ter encontrado uma bid que ninguém queria (!). Como não é um padrão muito conhecido acabou por ficar esquecido e consegui um bom preço.

  5. Ana Sofia, can we borrow a photo for our blog? I love how it turned out and would like to show other people too! I’ll link to your blog, too, ok? It’s just adorable! xo

    1. Sure, Liesl!!
      Thank you so much for your compliment!
      I really love how this design can be translated into many different (fashion) styles. Congratulations (again) for such a lovely collection 🙂

    1. Thank you! I do think she likes it, but I think she was mostly happy because of her new ballet flats (she was not happy about wearing long sleeves and jeans as it was really hot outside – pictures were taken indoors for that same reason).

    1. Obrigada Marta!
      Para dizer a verdade, adorei este padrão Liberty – as cores são bem mais giras ao vivo. Não conhecia e tenho pena de só ter conseguido o suficiente para a túnica 🙂

  6. I see that you like to sew with Viyella. Do you have to pre wash Viyella before sewing? Will it shrink much if you don’t wash it first!

    1. Thank you Roberta! I always pre-wash my fabrics before using them – I had a few accidents when I started to sew and I’ve learn my lesson. I don’t take any chances now 🙂

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