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Another playtime (dress) …

I couldn’t really put it aside (well, at least not just for now).

After sewing the tunic version of Oliver+S Playtime pattern last week, I just knew a dress version was going to sewed shortly after.

Although it’s still very hot around here (I don’t think she will be wearing this dress soon …), I’m hoping that my planning (and sewing) ahead will be worth it – especially when it gets cooler and I realize that everything from last year no longer fits her.

Although it may not be obvious to some (or most) of you, I do sew with a plan 🙂

Every new season, I make a list of the pieces that I need to sew (or buy) to my children.

Usually, my girl gets the most of my sewing – for the boys I often just sew pajamas, shorts/pants and coats – because sewing for girls is more fun, easier and must faster (and this is so true, now that my boys are older and sewing for them means more time, finding the right fabrics and hoping that they mind wearing handmade in from of their friends).

Of course, as with everything in life, the “list” gets a lot of editing – because I just couldn’t resist a new pattern or because I just found a must-have fabric/print or because there’s an unexpected event that requires a special outfit … You get the idea 🙂

Nevertheless, a pretty dress will always find a place on my list.

Fall Playtime#7

This version was made using a floral Viyella fabric, which is one of my favorite fabrics to work with. Especially, if you’re sewing for children: it washes well (no fading of the colors), it’s soft (no itching) and it has the right weight – not too heavy and yet it’s still warm enough for when it gets cold.

As most apparel fabrics, Viyella is not easy to find locally, but I just discovered a great store and I’m stashing on it for the  fall/winter season.

My friend María has a post about Viyella, which may be useful if you like to know more about it. Unfortunately, I didn’t purchased  this Viyella at 3 euros/meter … Usually I find Viyella in local shops, but this one was purchased online, here

. To add a bit of interest (as if the busy floral print wasn’t enough) I used a cotton eyelet trim.

Fall Playtime#5

Again, this pattern didn’t disappoint: it was such a pleasure to sew and I love how different it looks with the cotton trim/floral print combination.

I still kept the topstitching at the front, back and pockets – nevertheless, for the front, I started and ended topstiching at the lace trim.

Fall Playtime#6

Of course, It may be difficult to see, as, once again, I didn’t use a contrasting thread for the topstitching  🙂

As much as I love this dress in the model form, I really wanted to see it in action.

Needless to say, my girl didn’t share my view – she was much more interested in finding an anthill. Although some “sweet bribery” was requested it didn’t help that much. I’m guessing anthills are much more fun (proof of bribery included in the pictures bellow …)!

Fall Playtime#4

And just in case you’re wondering, these were really our best shoots …

Fall Playtime#1

I made the dress shorter for the time being and will be adding more length as needed (the original pattern skirt is a bit longer).

Fall Playtime#3

I do love how this dress fits my girl – simple and yet so timeless. Can you really blame me for wanting to make her yet another one?

Fall Playtime#2

I’m truly pleased to see that this pattern looks as wonderful in a light fabric (Liberty used for the previous tunic version) as in a medium-weight fabric like this Viyella.

The fit is just perfect and it’s so comfy to wear. I reckon this will be worn a lot this winter (with wool tights and a cardigan).

Now, onto the next piece on my list … (it will be either a dress or a tunic, but I guess you knew that by now).

PS. On a random note, and just because I get asked about this a lot, Papillon et Mandarine has just released 2 of their patterns in English (the Léon shorts and the Slava dress). 

Thanks for reading,

xx Ana Sofia

27 thoughts on “Another playtime (dress) …

  1. This is dress is beautiful, so girly, love it, and you’re right, the fit is perfect. Thank you for letting us know about the patterns in English, after seeing the shorts you made for your little girl, they are on my list to make this Summer for mine. And it just got easier now that it is in English, yay 🙂

  2. I’ve been a long time quilter and can whip together a costume, but am just now dipping my feet in the sewing for clothes arena. I love the tips you’ve given here about your fabric choice, thank you! The dress is darling!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
      I just added some a link with more info on the fabric (I’m getting several e-mails asking for additional info). Hope it helps 🙂

  3. Wonderful dress! Will keep my eye out for Viyella fabric. I am not familiar with the name. Thanks for teaching this old sewer new tricks.

  4. Ana Sofia, Muitos Parabéns! O vestido está o máximo! Adoro! Descobri o seu blogue através da Marta do “Do Guincho” e fiquei fã! Eu também adoro costurar para a minha filha Teresinha e o seu blog tem sido uma grande fonte de inspiração! 😉 Muito obrigada!! Já agora, onde arranjou a vaiela? Soraia

  5. I’m back again. I have been looking on line and have not found viyella fabric. Can you lead me in the right direction?

  6. Perfection again. Your choices are to die for. I have a few pieces of viyella in my stash, most from my grandmother and husband’s grandmother, so beautifully soft.

    1. Thank you Peta! I’ll take that as a huge compliment coming from you (I don’t think you could make a bad choice even if you try).
      My mother also used viyella quite a lot. It’s not very easy to find nowadays, but it’s one of my favorite fabrics for children clothes (soft and durable, lol)

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