Summer sewing: Shorts

I’ve said it before: I don’t sew as much for my boys as I sew for my girl.

Yet, every summer, my younger boy gets a bundle of handmade/mummy-made shorts!

I made them at the start of the season and I can be sure that these will be worn to bits …

It doesn’t really matter that I use the same pattern fro every pair (Oliver+S sandbox pants shortened to shorts) as long as he’s involved in the fabric selection, I know he will love them.

These were our summer favorites:

PicMonkey Collage#Shorts

The first version was made using a mint stripe seersucker. I had the intention of making a matching dress to my daughter but somehow summer went faster than my sewing …


Seersucker is a perfect summer fabric: washes really well (I do iron it but I could get away without doing it) and it’s both light and comfy to wear.

Upon his request, another similar version was made using a quite similar seersucker in khaki.


This time a matching dress was made for the girl (having the time, you really didn’t think I would miss the opportunity, do you? Soon they will hate it).

Her dress is The Cottage Mama, Daphne Wrap dress (I went a size up as I hope this will still fit her next summer. Fingers crossed!)

I used the same seersucker fabric for the front ruffle and for the dress lining. The dress is trimmed with camel bias piping (it looks darker in the pictures). The paisley print is from my local shop.

PicMonkey Collage#Matching

Finally, for the last version: I got a glimpse of a lovely print here and I just knew I need if for a dress.

I couldn’t find the exact print, but I did find a very similar one and when the parcel arrived, my boy immediately claimed it for him. Of course, I had to oblige (he’s such a sweetie).

And trust me, these have been the “most worn pair of shorts” ever in this house. Although the print might be quite busy, the fact is that he could pair these with almost any color – so every polo shirt in his wardrobe was tested: blue, red, orange, white, green … he loves them so much 🙂

And to be honest, I do think these does look better on him 🙂


Sewing for boys may not be as fun as sewing for girls, but summer shorts are always the best sewing I can think of – simple, fast and quite adorable.

And just in case, you miss my previous post on the Bubble shorts (for my girl), don’t forget to check the Bubble shorts that have been appearing on the web: Frances SuzanneDotta SewsZafarani,  Imagine GnatsSew pony  and María or  the ones that will be being created until the end of September.

Bubble shorts BLOGTOUR

Happy sewing,

xx, Ana Sofia

14 thoughts on “Summer sewing: Shorts

  1. Os calções estão todos girissimos!
    Tal como tu, tenho muitas vezes a intensão de fazer “pandans” para as minhas filhas mas acabo quase sempre por não conseguir… Eles ficam tão giros todos de igual e, além disso, é bem mais prático tanto na hora de escolher a roupa como para não os perder de vista na rua.
    E muito, muito obrigada pela peublicidade! 🙂

    1. Obrigada Marta!
      Mas confesso que para não os perder de vista na rua, tenho de andar sempre de mãos dadas com um de cada lado – nunca param sossegados, e a girl é ainda pior que ele 🙂
      (a “publicidade” é merecida. Os calções são super giros!)

    1. 🙂
      These are his favorites and I’m so glad I made them (she surely didn’t need another dress and he loves them so much).
      Although I don’t sew as much for my boys, I love it when I do!

  2. I agree with you on the boy sewing. I made my son four pairs of Oliver and S Sketchbook shorts and called it a day. Those madras shorts are too cute!

    1. Thank you! He lived in those shorts during the summer months – I suppose these are really comfy (and of course, made-by-mummy always wins with my boys).

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