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Little Angel (Blouse)

I’ve been a bit absent as during the past few weeks we’ve been adjusting to a new schedule (full-time work and school schedules) and as usual, it hasn’t been easy.

The kids miss the freedom of summer days and have been resisting the new routine: commuting to and from school and the mandatory school work at the end of the day is enough to keep my from doing anything else (don’t worry, I’m still cooking and feeding my “grumpy students”).

However, in the wee hours of the night, bits of fall (sewing) projects are starting to see the light. Although I love the vibrant colors, bright prints and lighter summer fabrics, it always feels so nice to start sewing for the cooler seasons.

My previous posts already featured a preview of (our) fall/winter collection (here, here and here) and finally I managed to sew a much-postpone pattern: Little Angel blouse by Papillon & Mandarine.

The Little Angel blouse was one of the first patterns I bought from P&M, but somehow I never managed to use it.

To be totally honest with you, I’ve come to realize that I tend to stay away from patterns that require me to add the seams allowances. Seams allowance are pretty easy to add, but it’s just a matter of personal preferences (I have the same issue with Ottobre patterns). I prefer to jump into the fun part (the actual sewing) as soon as possible 🙂

(PS: the new/actual version of this pattern already includes seam allowances. I have a previous version)


For my first attempt with this blouse (there will be more, for sure), I selected a tan dots quilting cotton from my stash (not quite sure from what collection) and a floral print for the tie (it’s store bought).

It’s a romantic blouse (lovely, truly lovely) and as usual with P&M patterns, it was a pleasure to sew.

Obviously, I totally forgot to add the seam allowances when cutting the pattern pieces (I do blame it on the late night sewing, nevertheless I’m adding a note to my pattern for the next time I sew this blouse) and the blouse was too short (because it has a loose fitting, it was still okay otherwise).

When my girl saw the blouse (hanging in the dress form the next morning) she loved it and since I wasn’t ready to give it away straight away, we decided to add a trim to the bottom hem.


I wasn’t sure at first (it looked much more suited to nightwear), but she’s been wearing it with jeans and it does look lovely on her 🙂


I’ll definitely be making more of these blouses (with properly cut pieces) as I think this blouse is so sweet and perfect for little girls – the neck gathering is lovely and I can envision my Liberty scraps been put into good use for the neck tie 🙂

And, this pattern can also be used for summer sewing as it also includes a short sleeve version.


What do you think?

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia

30 thoughts on “Little Angel (Blouse)

  1. Looks like a CLASSIC blouse for a young girl… sewn in a muted hue with white dots. Floral thin front tie adds to the look. Versatile to coordinate with jeans, pants, skirts, leggings… whatever suits. Since this P & M pattern can be used again and again and again, you’ll probably sew a nightie or dress next. FAB “Little Angel” blouse. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis, MN

    1. Thank you! I do believe it would look lovely and it’s always so nice to add a tiny bit of Liberty to a garment (makes it a bit more special)

    1. 🙂 I used to feel the same (my older kids, are boys), but then again, I do love sewing for my boys (I just wish there was more options – patterns and fabrics)

    1. Thank you Carla! I do love the way a tiny trim just adds so much to the whole look – The design of this blouse is lovely (acho que ficava super giro na R.)

  2. Está girissima!! Adoro a gola, adoro o bordado, adoro o tecido às bolinhas! Parabéns!! Deve ficar o máximo na sua M!

    1. Obrigada!
      Agora que já está feita, também acho, mas houve uns momentos em que pensei mesmo em deixar a blusa a meio ou reciclá-la para pijama.
      Estou mal habituada, é o que é 🙂

    1. Thank you J.! So glad that you found a US store that stores P&M patterns – do you know there are 2 patterns already translated to English (one of them is a favorite of mine, the Léon shorts). This would look so lovely on your sweet girl 🙂

  3. If you speak, read & understand just un petit peu francais, would following the pattern directions be a problem.

    1. My french skills are quite reasonable so I’m pretty okay with French patterns, but I suppose these would be fairly easy to follow if you read a bit and have some intermediate sewing knowledge – there’s a drawing for every step, which makes it quite feasible for a non-french speaker. (PS. Did you also know that P&M just released 2 of their patterns in English. I don’t have the English version, so I can’t give you my opinion, but maybe it helps 🙂

  4. It is a really pretty blouse. The style is something I have come to expect from reading your blog, you sew such sweet clothes for your little girl and they always look so well made.

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