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Fall KCW – Kids Clothes Week is here!!

It’s been quite a while since my last post 😦

As usual, it was not intentional especially because KCW fall 2013 is already on, but for the last couple of weeks work assignments took the best of my time (and energy, to be honest).

However, I planned ahead and “got myself a KCW” one week before its official launch – I followed the same rules (sewing a couple of hours everyday for one week for my kids) and now all I need to do is to blog about it.

So, as KCW day 3 is already here, I might as well let the blogging begin (before it’s over …)

For this season KCW fall 2013, I decided to sew practical comfy pieces that could I can mix-and-match for my girl.

I thought about shorts and matching blouses/tops in cosy fabrics.


Patterns used: Finch Shorts by Clever Charlotte (truly a favorite for sewing shorts in heavier fabrics) and AgnΓ©s blouse by CitronilleΒ (with a lot of improvisation concerning the smocking).

For the shorts I used corduroy from a local shop. As this was not my first time with the Finch pattern, it went quite smoothly (and quickly), but you should take your time making the pleats right and adding all the details – the outcome is pretty worthwhile (as usual, I used french seams for the inside, so it looks really neat).

The blouse was made using a lovely viyella from a recently-discovered online storeΒ and to my surprise the weight of the fabric was just right for pleating and smocking. The Agnes pattern is truly a lovely pattern (with a bit of hand sewing) that captures the french sewing style – the front has a smocked panel (somehow I only managed to smock a bit, but if you do it properly you should have a full smocked front panel) and the back is gathered (and I do love the back closure. Very clever, indeed). As most Citronille patterns, the instructions are just enough and covered the basics (it does come with a separate leaflet with a brief explanation for hand smocking). However, I enjoyed sewing this quite a lot as I was marveled as the blouse unveils right in front of my eyes πŸ™‚

DSC_1463Please don’t take a closer look at the smocking, as I’m still in a learning process (that I’m guessing it could take me quite a while, as it’s not as easier as it may look like).

Still, I’m loving this technique so much that I’ll definitely need to improve my smocking skills πŸ™‚

Both patterns were a perfect match and I’m pretty sure you’ll see more of them during this KCW …


And finally, a couple of action pictures (taken at the end of a busy day at the countryside):


The blouse underneath was needed because everything was muddy and it was indeed cold (we went near the mountains in order to get proper fall weather). Wearing a coat was not an option as it would be impossible to see the blouse.

The pink kitty’s wellies were her suggestion and I’m kind of okay with it (I know which “fights” to pick and these actually make the outfit look cool and fresh).

When I was editing the photos, I realized I didn’t get a proper stand-up picture of her wearing this outfit, but I love the colors, the fit and almost everything about it.

Oh well, there will always be a next time πŸ™‚


See you tomorrow πŸ™‚

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

14 thoughts on “Fall KCW – Kids Clothes Week is here!!

  1. I really like the red and gray color combination… I have heard many praises about the Finch shorts, I think I might have to buy that sewing pattern.

    1. Thanks Rachel!
      I decided to buy the Finch shorts after my girl outgrew my all-time favorite shorts pattern (O+S puppet show shorts). It’s really a great pattern and it works really well with medium to heavier fabrics πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, I’m in the same situation in so many ways! Am really going to struggle to sew this week, and feel like I’m missing the party! Well done for being organised a week ahead. And I did have something to blog – but just couldn’t get Missy to co-operate with photos! It’s much harder now we have proper autumn weather! I have to stop her getting muddy, and persuade her to go outside with a ‘happy face’ in the brief moments when it’s not raining ! (and I’m not working). Ho hum… Anyway. This is lovely as ever. I really like your nostalgic style and attention to detail! And bravery at attempting smocking!

    1. Thanks Victoria!
      KCW always happens in my busiest weeks, still it’s such a great motivation (for sewing).
      To be honest, sewing is always the easiest part. It’s the pictures and blogging that I find more challenging (not easy to get good pictures when I arrive late and no use in blogging when I’m already too tired).

  3. Oh it’s lovely ! I just ordered the AgnΓ¨s pattern too and hope I’ll make something as cute as you did (it will be my first time smocking… It scares me !!). And sorry for my poor english !!

    1. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it – it’s a great pattern and the fit is perfect.
      I’m quite new to smocking (need to improve a lot) but I liked the result (and it looks better in real life).

  4. I love the look of the dark red smocking on the muted grey hues flowered blouse bodice. GOOD LUCK as you learn and master the technique. Your choice of prints is amazing to easily coordinate with other pants & skirts for your young daughter. The shorts are unique sewn in dark red corduroy. Your last 2 photos are GREAT… outdoors with natural sunlight. I’m “following” your blog as you can read my continued comments. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis, MN USA

  5. Gray and red seems like a great color combination, my daughter who is 17 years old wants me to make the same outfit since she find it cute and perfect for her wardrobe.

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