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Fall KCW: The Book Report

Fall KCW 2013 might be over, but there’s still a few garments to reveal.

The Book Report dress, is a comfortable, casual dress with lots of details (I love the hidden on-seam front pockets) but somehow it never appealed to me (too casual, boxy?!).

Yet, I kept admiring all the lovely creations with this pattern in the Oliver+S Flickr group and number 1) most of them don’t look “boxy” at all and number 2) I was willing to try a more casual style for my girl (usually, I tend to pick classic designs).

So, when a couple of months ago, Oliver+S had a huge sale on their paper patterns and I took the opportunity to add the Book Report pattern to my “collection” (I think I might qualify as a proud Oliver+S pattern collector, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone …).

So, you may ask: Did I manage to sew a casual Book Report?

Obviously, the answer is “NO”:(

Book Report Dress

I’m totally hopeless when it comes to casual sewing, but at least I’m willing to keep on trying (any tips??).

(Note: She was obviously not so happy to model this dress. Not because she disliked the dress, but because she didn’t want to wear tights. She only agreed if she could be wearing the “wrong tight color”. 5-years old aren’t always funny, right?)

A closer look on the Book Report dress clever details:

Hidden on-seam front pockets:

Book Report Pockets

Cute sleeve cuffs:

Book Report Cuffs

Shoulder buttons:

Book Report Shoulder Buttons

Front and back pleats:

Book Report Front

Book Report Back

This dress was really a pleasure to sew – no major issues with the instructions (Oliver+S step-by-step great instructions) and the fit was just right on my girl (for the next version, I will add a couple of inches to the length as I think it’s a bit on the short size).

Just in case you wonder, I used Viyella fabrics bought from here.

Happy sewing and see you tomorrow 🙂

xx, Ana Sofia


12 thoughts on “Fall KCW: The Book Report

  1. Truly a SOPHISTICATED LOOK, The Book Report Dress, Oliver + S pattern, which incorporates several details perfectly done: Loops with buttons on shoulders & cuffs, pleats in front & back of floral blouse as well as 2 hidden pockets on seam where floral blouse & plain color skirt meet. Choice of Viyella fabrics are LOVELY, especially the muted light blue & tan flowers of various sizes with small leaves & butterflies set on an ivory background. LOTS OF LOVE sewn by a talented MOM. GREAT classic dress for your daughter to wear numerous places. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis, MN

  2. HaHa! And, I thought this was casual for you? Mom and I just had a similar conversation. She was lamenting that things she makes Grace get worn on “occasions” but not every day. I told her to ask herself…”could she wear it with sneakers or sandals?” You know I didn’t care for this pattern at first either but have now made so many. I think it is well suited to our girl’s particular size and age. This version may be my favorite to date. I can never get enough of your perfect creations and photography!

  3. J’écris en français, j’espère que ça ne te dérange pas, j’ai cru lire quelque part que tu le lisais plutôt bien :).
    Ta version de ce patron est sublime ! Je n’étais pas spécialement attirée par ce modèle sur le site d’oliver+s (trop basique justement), mais la tienne avec ton choix de tissus, tes détails tout en finesse me plait énormément !! Je crois que je vais me laisser tenter…
    Bises !

  4. The dress is lovely! I too, wasn’t convinced that I would like the BR pattern but that flickr pool and all the creative dresses that kept popping up soon swayed me.;)

  5. Sofia, o vestido ficou realmente muito chic! Quem me dera ter jeito para fazer roupa assim. A minha fica sempre com ar de quem vai para a praia ou para o parque dos baloiços.
    Ando com vontade de fazer um vestido com este modelo da O+S… Adoro o corte e os detalhes.

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