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Fall KCW: Wrap up (and a Playtime)

Fall KCW 2013 has ended!

As usual, this was a busy week for those who love the sew for kids!

For me KCW is always a great way for sewing more than my usual 1-piece/week and get a head start on my kid’s wardrobe.

For Fall KCW 2013, I managed to complete 2 smock blouses and 2 corduroy shorts (here and here), 1 flower girl dress and matching wool/cashmere cape (here) and 2 dresses (here) 🙂

Not bad, right? (I do confess that I did sew more than 1-hour per day, but it was totally worth it and I really can’t stop sewing if there’s no one or nothing that stops me. And sewing in the wee hours of the night, meant I had so many hours ahead of me 🙂 Of course, now I really need to catch up on my sleep).

In case you miss some of the gorgeous creations, be sure to get a glimpse in the KCW Blog and check the projects pool (it’s totally worth a look).

As for my final KCW project …

Plaid Playtime#3

The Oliver+S Playtime Dress (tunic and leggings) pattern was released earlier this fall and It’s already a favorite of mine.

I believe this is my third version of this dress/tunic, but I know I’ll be making many more.

I love the fit and the endless possibilities that this pattern offers (you can check my previous versions of this pattern here and here).

For this version, I went a size up for the bodice and sleeves as I’m really hoping this could fit her until Spring (wishful thinking, I know).

I’ve also added elasticated sleeves (a request from her teacher) and a beautiful eyelet trim to the front bodice (just because I love it).

Plaid Playtime#1

I used a gorgeous plaid fabric (again from here) that I’ve been seeing everywhere this fall. The fabric is not heavy and it has a very soft hand – however, it was a bit challenge to sew with, but I think the result made it worthwhile 🙂

Plaid Playtime#2

And that’s the end of KCW (there are still quite a few projects in the pipeline, but I manage to achieve my goals) …

Now, I’ll be checking everyone else’s projects, blogs and Flickr photos. I always miss that during KCW (not enough time to sew, photograph, blog and check every one else’s work). 

Plaid Playtime#6

What were your Fall KCW 2013 sewing projects?  Are you ready for some “sewing time-out”?

xx, Ana Sofia

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  1. Nicely done (as always) and the touch of lace makes it so sweet. I’m envious of your plaid fabric as I’ve been looking for the same on this continent with no luck so far.

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