Holiday Gifts Sewing Series – Giveaway winner

The winner of Lucky, the Elephant pdf pattern is …
Giveaway Lucky the Elephant
Flavia Gaspar 

Submitted on 2013/11/04 at 10:08 am

I would love to sew some of these for Christmas!

Congratulations Flávia!

Gingercake will contact you (and send you Lucky, the Elephant!) just in time for Christmas sewing 🙂

Thank you all again so much for entering this giveaway!

It’s always so nice to read all your comments and learn more about you. Thank you all for your comments!!

Lucky the Elephant#3

For those, that asked: my kids truly love to join my sewing projects which is one of the reasons, why I prefer to sew after they go to bed, as I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be as productive when they are helping me. Nevertheless, they do make sewing a bit more fun (and stressful, lol).

They do love handmade toys (they have always loved it, even before I sew) and if they are involved in the process, I know they will love the outcome – it does take more time, and yes, sometimes you have to go back and amend something they did, but it’s getting better and they already have a good perception of the materials they can use and the steps that need to be taken (for instance they are ok with me taking the time to clip the seam allowances at the curves because they already understand why we do it, and as they already know that their elephant won’t be ready in 5-minutes, they are able to wait and enjoy the process).

For me, sewing with my kids has been a learning process (I’m always in a rush, and sewing with kids means you need to take several breaks and just let it go) but when I tuck them in bed at night and they are holding their elephants or when they ask if we can sew a gift for a friend, I know it’s all worth it 🙂

I hope to be back tomorrow with more crafty Christmas news (yes, Christmas is just around the corner …).

Happy sewing,

xo Ana Sofia

4 thoughts on “Holiday Gifts Sewing Series – Giveaway winner

  1. Obrigada! Fiquei contentíssima de receber o molde do elefante, e na verdade, é a primeiríssima vez que ganho algo por sorteio.

    Thanks! I’m thrilled to be the lucky winner of this cute elephant pattern, and most of all, it is really my first at winning on a giveaway!

    1. Parabéns, Flávia! E espero que ainda lhe dê tempo para costurar alguns elefantes para o Natal (são mesmo giros!!).

      Congratulations, Flavia! Hope you’re able to sew quite a few elephants for Christmas 🙂

  2. GREAT… more LUCKY, the Elephants will be sewn and cuddled by children! Congrats to the winner, Flavia Gaspar! Sarah Helene, Minneapolis, MN USA

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