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The “Picture-shy” dress

I’m already planning some Christmas sewing (among other things/projects I can’t wait to show you), yet there have also been some late fall sewing projects to keep me awake at night. Late fall kind of projects …

I’ve made my girl this dress a few weeks ago, but due to a couple of reasons, this dress almost didn’t made it to this blog.

The main reason was because … it doesn’t photograph well!

The floral print ( vayella) doesn’t really makes a good contrast with my walls and my “great outdoor” photos didn’t really work …


The second reason, is that I still need to make a matching blouse, but somehow I can’t really decide on a suitable color! (For now, my girl has been wearing this dress with her neck-ruffled tees and I’m kind of okay with it).

So, that’s why I have failed to post about this dress.

But to be honest, I really should blog about it, because the dress is precious and I do love it.

Floral Collombine#5

For the dress, I used the Colombine dress by Pappillon et Mandarine, minus the sleeves, a full-gathered skirt and lace insert ( You might have seen several similar versions here before. I do get obsessed with patterns very easily …).

Floral Collombine#4

I love this type of dress (sleeveless, gathered skirt and side-bows) for little girls and my daughter seems to love it as well.

Also, being “sleeveless” also means that she can wear this dress all-year (just add a blouse and carding when it gets cold).

Floral Collombine#3

Lovely, right?

Still, I wish this was a more photo-friendly project 🙂

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia

12 thoughts on “The “Picture-shy” dress

    1. Thank you!
      Do you believe me if I tell you that all walls in our house are painted in the same color (except the kitchen and bathrooms)? I should have though about it earlier 🙂

    1. Thank you! It does look much better in person (the color is much bright) and she does wear this style of dress a lot (I love it on her). I also love to pair it with a navy cardigan – looks so classic 🙂

  1. Beautiful.
    It might be taking sewing blogging too far to start choosing how you paint your house in order to photograph and blog your dresses. It looks lovely and sunshine-y as always in these pictures

  2. J’adore !! Comme d’habitude, tu as l’art de marier les matières pour en faire quelque chose de sublime ! Je viens aussi d’en finir une (mais version tunique à manches longues) et elle est presque trop serrée 😥 j’aurais du me fier à mon premier sentiment et la couper la taille au-dessus… Me voilà contrainte d’en refaire une ! 😉
    Les tuniques à col que tu mets en dessous, c’est toi qui les as cousues ? Je cherche désespérément un patron comme ça !!
    Bises !

    1. Merci !
      Je coupe la taille au-dessus pour ma fille pour cette même raison – je le trouve un peu court. Elle a 5 ans et pour cette robe j’ai coupé la taille pour 8 ans (plus info ici:
      Les tuniques sont acheté dans un magasin locale – je cherche aussi pour un patron pour les faire (Je dois faire encore plus modifications mais je trouve cet patron presque comme je veux : /2012/10/16/kcwc-fall-2012-the-final-countdown/).

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