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Mailbox Surprise from Laura

While preparing this post, I though I had already mentioned I was invited by the super talented Marta and Marte for the Mailbox Surprise series.

Apparently, like so many things lately, it slipped my mind and I haven’t mentioned yet 😦

So, with a bit delay, here’s the official presentation of the Mailbox Surprise Series (you can read more about it here and here).

One of the great reasons for loving this Series is that it manages to combine a few of my favorite things: Sewing, sending and received “real” letters and packages and blogging with friends from across the world.

Thank you Marta and Marte for the invitation!

mailbox suprise button long

Earlier in December, my package was sent to another very talented lady across the ocean and I just can’t wait to see what she manages to do with it 🙂

I’m not disclosing her name yet due to the surprise factor, but I know she has already received one of the packages – I had to send her a second package, because a “little girl” I know decided to save some of the intended contents on her “treasure box” and I only discovered them a couple of days later (do rest assured, this little girl got a few buttons and ribbons as replacement). 

And yesterday when I arrived at the office I had the most lovely package waiting for me in my desk …

DSC_0061Laura from behind-the-hedgerow, send me the best mail package ever! DSC_0066 I just love everything about it – and she was so amazing in her fabric and notion selection.

I can pick a single favorite – everything is so exquisite!

My package included a lovely Liberty jersey (not to worry Laura, I do love it and I have sew with jersey before – here, here and here. I just feel that I have more limited options when sewing with knits and I didn’t want to disappoint my Mailbox Surprise pal), a handful of beautiful buttons, a pack of jersey needles, beeswax (need to try this soon and check their site. This product looks amazing!) and the most perfect pincushion (do you believe me if I told you making a similar version was on my to-sew list for quite a while?). DSC_0065 Laura attention to detail was incredible (and really put me to shame). She even wrote a fantastic note on how to sew with knits and with great directions for choosing the right pattern. DSC_0069 I can’t wait to start working on this right after Christmas.

Thank you, Laura!!

Ana Sofia

5 thoughts on “Mailbox Surprise from Laura

  1. Fantástico este Mailbox Surprise Package, Sofia! Estávamos todas (Laura, Marte e eu) um pouco preocupadas com o jersey… Mas Liberty é Liberty!
    Olha, para que serve a beeswax?!

    1. 🙂
      O jersey não é um dos meus tecidos habituais – dificilmente encontro o que gosto nas lojas tradicionais e acho que fico mais limitada em termos de patterns. Apenas por estes motivos (não quer desiludir quem me enviou o package) preferir não indicar tecidos jersey.
      Mas a Laura foi um amor e enviou imensas dicas para trabalhar o jersey (com links e tudo) e ainda juntou algumas notions essenciais. Agora, vou ter mesmo de conseguir estar à altura do desafio 🙂
      A beeswax serve para lubrificar a linha (handsewing) e esta não se embaraçar e formar nós. Também ajuda a enfiar a linha pela agulha (para além de muitas outras funções).

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