December is almost gone …

Seriously, I’m always amazed at how fast December comes to an end.

In between the school celebrations, birthdays, family gatherings, Christmas holidays, December seems to go too fast for all of us.

In our house there have been quite a few sewing projects, but I’m afraid I will not be able to post them all before the arrival of the New Year 😦

We have been making the most of these special days together – playing games, reading and just enjoying our time as a family (and yes, I’ve also been trying to achieve some proper work done in rather unusual hours of the day – I love my family and wouldn’t want it any other way, but in months like these my work routine can become quite chaotic) .

I leave you with my little girl Christmas Eve dress – a last-minute attempt to sew a size 6 dress with one-yard of fabric – of course, I didn’t manage to add a sash and additional waist piping due to the lack of enough fabric.

The main fabric is tartan viyella and the collar and sleeve bands were made of fine corduroy.

Christmas plaid dress#1

We both love it (and I love the way it coordinates with her new winter coat) and she look quite proud of it – she picked the back-buttons.

Christmas plaid dress#2

I’m hoping to return tomorrow with the outfit she wore on the Christmas Day. Everything else will have to be posted soon afterwards.

In the meanwhile, I do hope you’re enjoying the Christmas holidays with your loved ones.

Christmas plaid dress#3

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

19 thoughts on “December is almost gone …

    1. Merci tellement !
      Cette robe est tout à fait simple : un corsage, une jupe recueillie et manches ballonnées.
      Bonne et heureuse année pour vous ainsi!

    2. Merci tellement pour votre beau commentaire ! La robe était très simple a coudre : une corsage simple, maches courtes et une jupe recueillie :)Bonne année !

    1. As she’s getting older it’s becoming more difficult to sew with 1-yard only. I always get so happy when this happens 🙂
      (of course, that’s what happens when you decide to sew a last-minute Christmas dress and need to use what you have in your cupboard …)
      Merry Christmas!!

    2. Thank you Kristin! One of the downsides of her getting older is that one-yard sewing is getting more difficult – of course, I couldn’t add a bow and the skirt is a bit shorter than my original idea 🙂 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  1. It’s lovely! I can’t wait to see the Christmas Day dress! We dress up for Christmas Eve that’s when we go to Mass but on Christmas Day we stay cozy and casual sometimes just our Christmas pj’s.

    1. Thank you!
      I reckon it’s very similar around here – Clever dressing for Christmas Eve, new pj’s for Christmas morning (when the presents are open) and a comfy outfit for vising some relatives in the afternoon 🙂
      Merry Christmas!

  2. The dress is so pretty. Where did you get the viyella fabric? I’ve been hunting for some without much luck.
    Beat wishes for a health and happiness in the New Year… oh, and lots of sewing too!!

    1. I get most of my viyella from an online shop from Spain (www.ratucos.com/es/108-viyela) – the prices are better than those from my local shop (which not always carry Viyella) and they have a good customer service. Not quite sure about their international sipping (I’m not in Spain, but we’re very close so it’s rather easy to get my orders in 2 business days). Just let me know if you need any assistance.
      Happy New year!!

  3. I love this dress and the combination of colors! I really really love her “medias”, socks in spanish! What a perfect way to finish the year! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you MC!
      However your daughter Christmas dress is still my favorite – this was done in a few hours after my husband commented that she really needed a “traditional” (i.e. tartan) dress for Christmas 🙂

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