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(updating) 2013 sewing …

I’ve already started new 2014 sewing projects, yet there are still a couple of pieces that I failed to post about and I really wanted to do it.

One of the reasons for me blogging about my sewing projects is to keep a track of what I accomplish and how much my sewing progresses.

Sewing most of my girl’s wardrobe, plus some of my boy’s clothing (pj’s and coats, mostly) as well as small gifts, I do have to admit that sometimes I’m not really posting everything.

In 2013, there were quite a few pieces that I didn’t post here – either because they were gifted and I failed to photograph them before, because my kids were not in the mood and I just missed the momentum (after a piece has been worn, usually I don’t take pictures of it for posting) or just because I didn’t find it relevant to post about the endless amount of summer shorts that I’ve done for summer holidays or the matching pj’s my kids got from Santa, …

Nevertheless, this dress was finished by the end of October (perfect for fall), yet as my girl wore it straight away I totally forgot to post about it.

The pattern used is Ruthie from Children’s Corner and I used a soft Liberty cord (eBay auction – love it!). I had done view A of this pattern before and at the time, I wished I had more yardage to make the long-sleeve version.

The colors of this dress do look much better in real life – I do seem to have a special skill for matching my sewing projects with my wall color (we have the same wall color in every division of our house, except for the bathrooms and kitchen. Guess who choose it?)

CC Ruthie_Front

I still love the vintage feel of this dress for little girls – it’s perfect and very comfortable to wear and although it’s rated as moderate it was a easy sewing.

One of the reasons why I love to sew this dress is because of its wrap-around yoke (if you’re curious just check the help videos at the CC website. It’s so clever!): it’s so easy to get a flawless yoke every time.

CC Ruthie_Front detail

I didn’t add rick-rack to the collar and shirt (as instructed in the pattern) and to be honest I think I did wrong – it would look nicely on this print (next time, I promise). I did add rick-rack to the sleeves and it does add a nice touch 🙂

CC Ruthie_Side view

CC Ruthie_Back

I did managed to capture a picture of my girl wearing this dress in the last days of the year. She was learning to fly …

CC Ruthie

Happy sewing,

xx, Ana Sofia


22 thoughts on “(updating) 2013 sewing …

    1. Obrigada!
      Felizmente ela também gostou porque é super confortável e quentinho (principalmente para quem não gosta nada de andar de casaco)!

  1. Adorable! I recently purchased this pattern and have some Liberty begging to be used. Not sure if I will make it dress length or tunic length. Princess walks to school everyday and it is COLD!

    1. Oh, I debated over making a tunic (because I didn’t have enough fabric for making it a dress). However, I won an eBay auction for this Liberty and went with the dress 🙂
      I might need to try a tunic length nonetheless. It should look really nice 🙂
      (luckily for us, our winters are quite mild, so I just sew her warmer clothes because I know she won’t be wearing her coat if she can get away with it. I’m not a huge fan of cold, lol)

    1. Thank you Karen!
      This style does look conservative when compared with some of the actual patterns for girls – However I do like how it looks on her 🙂

  2. I am so glad you shared this beautiful dress. I haven’t made a Childrens Corner pattern before but I had been looking at their site yesterday. I recently realized that I like my daughter best in a classic/vintage/girly style and they seem to have many of those kinds of patterns. I won’t let the difficulty level scare me off of this one. Thank you!

    1. Oh, I do love Children’s Corner patterns (don’t be fooled by some of their older packages – these patterns are truly sweet and so far every single one I tested become a favorite of mine)! This one is so easy (the yoke construction is very clever). And yes, most of what appeals to me in CC patterns is their vintage/classic designs – little girls grow so fast, I really love to see them dress as little girls (She will have plenty of time later to dress more grow-up)!

  3. The dress is beautiful, Ana Sofia! I’m like you…if I don’t take a picture and blog about a sewing project straight away, I lose interest. There’s still a few things left from 2013 that I never photographed/blogged and probably won’t now! Can’t wait to see what you make in 2014!

    1. Thank you Cindy!
      So far lots of sewing (I’m amazed with myself), but no time to photograph it 😦
      Soon, I hope before I loose the timing for it (again)!

  4. This is lovely. And for me, it’s all the better for it’s simplicity and lack of “extras”.
    I work on the principal of photographing and documenting EVERYTHING as I’m not a keeper and once it’s outgrown it’s passed on. This way at least I can remember what I made. That is, until the internet is made obsolete and shut down!

    1. 🙂
      I keep forgetting to add the details in my blog posts – like size, fabric type and additional amendments 🙂
      I’m sure I would love to refer referring back to these for future projects!

  5. Comme c’est beau ! J’adore ce style classique et élégant !
    Aaah tu me donnes envie d’acheter tous les patrons que tu couds !! Je vais vraiment arrêter de venir sur ton blog si ça continue… 😉
    (J’ai acheté les patrons Playtime et Book Report d’Oliver + S après avoir vu tes versions…)

  6. Je t’embête encore…
    Je suis allée voir sur le site de Children’s Corner, mais ils ne livrent qu’aux US et Canada (et je n’ai même pas réussi à voir les tarifs pour le Canada, même en entrant les informations dans les cases…). Comment te fais-tu livrer en Europe ? Merci pour ta réponse !!

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