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Kid’s Clothes Week Winter 2014 // Day one

Kid’s Clothes Week – Winter 2014 has arrived 🙂

I love the rush of a dedicated sewing week and the fact that I always managed to get through so many of my much-belated projects (here, here, here and much more).

Nevertheless, for once, I have to admit that most of my winter sewing projects are completed.

I’ve sew winter PJs and coats for my 3 kids and a couple of pants to my younger boy (all not blogged, but still much loved around here). For my girl, once again several dresses/jumpers, dresses, blouses, tops and shorts were made.

Yet, I really couldn’t miss Kid’s Clothes Week, right?

So, I’ve added a few extra rules for my KCW sewing projects:

1. Only use fabric already in my stash. Also, pick fabrics that would not required a trip to pick additional notions/trims.

2. Priority should be given to patterns (that I already have) and that have yet to be tested or that I know (hope, lol) could make the transition into spring.

Simple and effective rules, I suppose, but hopefully these will help me to stay focused.

The week prior to KCW’s I selected the patterns and the fabrics. No extra trip to the fabric store was needed as I had evertyhting I need in my cupboard.

A few nights were saved for cutting and labeling the pattern pieces. So no additional stress was required and I could spend KCW sewing.

As in the prior editions, I know I’ll try to engage myself in a couple of sewing hours per night – KCW expects you to sew at least 1-hour per day during the week, but I’m hoping to sew for more than that (to my defense, I don’t have a sewing room, so I couldn’t justify setting up everything just for 1-hour of sewing (fun)).

My KCW Day One sewing project was actually completed yesterday, taking advantage of a cloudy rainy Sunday afternoon spent indoors.

I’ve been looking for a project for making a pleated tartan skirt for my girl for quite a while – I wore quite a few similar style skirts when I was young and somehow these look quite adorable to me.

Finding a suitable pattern was not an easy task, so when I discovered this pattern from Neue Mode (here) I decided to give it a go. I got it a few months ago and I just needed a great excuse to test it 🙂

Tartan quilt skirt#5

For the fabric, I used a wool tartan I got from a stock out sale over one-year ago (it has been waiting for the right project).

I don’t recommend cutting a new pattern after the end of a long day. This skirt only has 3 pieces (2 skirt pieces and 1 waistband), and yet I failed to match the skirt pieces. To make it even worst, I only noticed it when taking these pictures (too late to go back or so I keep convincing myself).

Tartan quilt skirt#7

It was my first time sewing a Neue Mode pattern and I must caution that the instructions for these are only available online. The pattern was quite easy to put together and I found the instructions quite detailed for a advanced beginner/intermediate level.

Complying with the above mentioned rules, I decided to sew a size 8 for length (size 6 for width) for my girl. I choose view A (simple pleated skirt) and added a velvet trim to the front skirt.

Tartan quilt skirt#6

The fit is not perfect (a tad too big on her, I think) but it has some room to grow, which was my initial intention, so I might consider it a success.

Tartan quilt skirt#1

I will definitely be using this pattern again (paying more attention when cutting the skirt pieces).

Aren’t pleated tartan skirts a must in a little girl wardrobe?

Tartan quilt skirt#8

Thank you for reading 🙂

xx, Ana Sofia

22 thoughts on “Kid’s Clothes Week Winter 2014 // Day one

  1. Dear Ana Sofia…. I want to learn to sew like you!!!! I am a beginner and live in Boston…. Want to come and visit? There is lots to see here in the summer…. It is very cold now….

    I love reading your posts and love the items you make!

    Thank you for encouraging me to keep


  2. This is so beautiful, as is all your sewing! You have such a lovely style and way with fabrics. I look forward to seeing your KCW (and other!) creations. I’m hoping to get my first KCW project done soon!

  3. Es un conjunto muy lindo! !.
    Me recuerda a nuestros tiempos de escuela verdad??.
    La falda me gusta mucho y la blusa es tan sencilla y linda a la vez!!!!.
    Has conseguido un conjunto muy muy chulo!
    Besitos guapa

  4. Oooh…lovely…. and I’ve really had it in my mind to make one for my little girl too. But I’m really struggling to find time to sew. I wanted to make one in time for Elegance and Elephants Roots series, because I’m Scottish,and they remind me so much of my own 70s childhood, but it will just have to wait.! Ah well. Am very much enjoying admiring your lovely version….

  5. ADORABLE!!! Beautiful work! I love the classic look of a white blouse, a plaid skirt and a matching cardigan. Just something about it makes me smile. 🙂

  6. Yes…a pleated plaid skirt is a must for all girls! Beautiful skirt. I didn’t notice the plaid not matching until you mentioned it.;)

  7. I am in love with this skirt! I just love the velvet ribbon on the edge, so beautiful! Your sewing is so inspiring. : )

  8. I agree- it’s lovely! I just want to add that it would be really nice to see you blog about your boy-sewing, even if it is just PJ’s (we all need those, right!) and some pants. For those of us with both boys and girls to sew for, it’s nice to see what others are doing and get inspiration! You’ve introduced me to many good pattern designers here in Europe- would love to see what you’re finding for your young men!

  9. I stumbled across your blog and absolutely love it!! Your sewing is so inspirational and stunning. I’m officially hooked! This skirt is perfect! Such a classic look…I love it!

  10. CLASSIC colorful plaid pleated skirt for a young girl. Traditional style and versatile to wear with many plain colors of T-shirts & cardis. Ideal outfit for school. BRAVO to Ana Sofia for creating a BEAUTIFUL skirt! Sarah Helene, Minneapolis, MN

  11. Adoro o kilt! O tecido é perfeito (acho que adivinho onde foi comprado). Eu usava imensos kilts com meias até ao joelho quando era pequena mas eram sempre feitos com tecidos da Nazaré… a tua versão é bem mais gira!

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