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KCW 2014 // On struggling …

If there’s something I always struggle with during KCW is documenting the clothes that I get to sew.

You see, the sewing can be the easiest part as there’s no restrictions (other than time itself) to sewing, but taking pictures and blogging about the process is quite a different story.

For instance, currently when I get home is already too dark for taking pictures (but it’s never not too dark for sewing, lol) and when I’m done with my daily sewing hour(s), I’m often to exhausted to write anything about it (anything that makes sense, needless to say).

I could just wait until the end of the KCW to blog about what I’ve been sewing, but that wouldn’t be as much fun, right? (and I could probably just forget to post about it later …).

Oh well, at least you know I’m trying, despite the rain and dark stormy weather, we’ve been having lately (I’m so missing summer days…).

For my 2nd KCW project I went back to one of my favorite dress’s patterns, Colombine by Papillon et Mandarine, with a fabric that has been begging to be used for quite a while (see, I’m sticking with my own KCW rules: sewing from my stash).

Colombine wool dress#1

I had less of 1 meter of this soft grey wool and I knew I had to use it this season. There’s no secret that I love the Colombine dress (and blouse) pattern, but I’ve adapted to a sleeveless version (tested before so many times) keeping the side ties and skirt gathers – it does gives the dress a nice drape and it looks really nice.

Colombine wool dress#2

While this dress is perfect right now (soft and cozy with a wool cardigan and a flannel/brushed cotton blouse), I believe it will also be perfect for making the transition for Spring (just skip the cardigan and add a lighter blouse).

Colombine wool dress#8

I was hoping that my girl could wear this dress with the Liberty blouse I made a couple of weeks ago (here), but she insisted in wearing her “much-loved” blouse (which was already featured in the model form. So, I guess she thought that was the proper way to style it).

Oh well, I can live with that ….

Take care and happy sewing everyone 🙂

xx, Ana Sofia

16 thoughts on “KCW 2014 // On struggling …

  1. What a beautiful dress. It looks so warm and snuggly and the side ties are great! I’ve found it a challenge to get the blogging and especially the photography done this week, so I share your struggle.

    1. 🙂
      Lucky for me, I have a model form and my girl is cooperating. Otherwise it would be impossible. Let’s see if I can keep it until the end of the week.

    1. Thank you!
      I used the french version, but I will work on it during the weekend. I will try to send you an email next week (hope it helps)!

    1. I can definitely agree with that definition – I always struggle to get out of my comfort zone and for this KCW challenge I’m not even trying …

  2. L-O-V-E-L-Y SOFT PALE GREY WOOL, ideal fabric for this Colombine dress pattern without sleeves. So versatile to wear with any & every color blouse & T-shirt. Again a classic look styled perfectly! Your daughter looks HAPPY modeling . . . your expert sewing talents are evident, Ana Sofia. Sarah Helene, Minneapolis, MN

  3. Adorable ! Quelle bonne idée d’avoir mis ces volants et surtout d’avoir utilisé ce lainage ! Le résultat est plus que réussi ! Je vais te copier pour ma prochaine Colombine si ça ne te dérange pas… Et ta fille a raison, cette petite blouse s’accorde à merveille avec sa robe 😉

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