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KCW 2014 // On Winter white …

I should explain myself before showing you my next KCW project …

A couple of years ago I purchased 1-meter of white (off-white, to be more accurate) corduroy. At the time, it was intended for some baby overalls which never happened – It didn’t took me take long to realize that a crawling baby and white overalls are not the best match…

Occasionally this fabric has been  considered for a few projects, but I never managed to sew anything from it. You can’t really use white corduroy, can you?

Well, until now, because this fabric was on the top of my list for the KCW 2014 – I was determined to use it before it was too short for making anything at all 🙂

The amount I have was not enough for overalls (really?) and pants and shorts were also out of question (I suppose you can see why).

I decided on a basic yoke dress pattern – This one is Mallory from the Children’s Corner, as I was looking for a classic design with no frills or extra details. I’ve made this pattern before and I love the fit on my girl. Unfortunately I can’t find it anymore as I believe it has been discontinued.

Mallory white#3

Although the pattern is simple (and so easy, trust me. It took me a bit over 1-hour and that was just because I had 2 little helpers …), I decided to add some embellishments to the front and asked my girl for her opinion on which trim to use: cotton lace or rick-rack?

Obviously, you should never ask such a question to a 5-years old. She picked both! (and I oblige, lol)

Mallory white#4

Overall, the dress is lovely, but I’m not quite sure if I love white for winter (no, we don’t have snow here).

Mallory white#2

How do you feel about Winter white?

Mallory white#1

Both Liberty blouses were made before (here) and I think they do look lovely with this dress – it’s not easy to select a blouse for this dress.

Happy sewing,

xx, Ana Sofia

9 thoughts on “KCW 2014 // On Winter white …

  1. LOVE, LOVE this OFF-WHITE corduroy fabric for your girl’s jumper! LUCKY girl! Simple design, yet SO VERSATILE to coordinate with every color blouse & top. FAB with a red turtleneck, lime green, lavender, hot pink, bright orange, turquoise
    . . . on and on, right? Add another color tights for a FAB LOOK! Liberty of London floral print blouses are PERFECT pairing, too. I like the rick-rack & lace trim on lower portion of the yoke. . . reveals your daughter’s style! Sarah Helene, Minneapolis, MN

  2. Love love love *_*
    C’est incroyable comme tout ce que tu couds correspond exactement au style que j’aimerais faire porter à ma fille ! C’est simple mais trop trop joli, comme à ton habitude !
    Et tu as raison pour le blanc, j’ai acheté hier du lainage blanc pour faire un manteau à ma fille, mais je tremble d’avance des tâches qu’elle fera dessus (surtout qu’à presque 2 ans, on tombe encore pas mal…) !

  3. It is gorgeous! I wouldn’t wear winter white but I think for a little girl it is perfect. I think the white makes it look very festive.

  4. i love winter whites (even though where i live, winter is more gray than white) and it really does pair beautifully with the liberty! lovely trim choices too.

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