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KCW 2014 // An old favorite

KCW is almost over (really?) and although I do love the fact that I can squeeze a couple of much-delayed projects in 1-week, I do feel I couldn’t do this for much longer.

My usual sewing routine means I manage to sew 1 or 2 pieces/outfits per week, which is quite okay. But, during KCW that number is significantly higher.

When selecting the patterns I wanted to use for KCW Winter 2014, the Apple Picking dress (Oliver and S) was on the top of my list. I’ve only made this dress once before (before this blog, but you can check it here) and at the time, despite loving the process, I wasn’t aware on how much we (me and my girl) would love this dress – this dress was worn a lot and it become a favorite for several years.

This year, I missed having such a reliable (and adorable) dress in her wardrobe and knew I need to sew a new version.

Nevertheless, I must confess that I wasn’t very keen on this pattern when it was released. It was “Oliver+S perfect” as usual, but overall it didn’t strike me as a must-have pattern.

I was so wrong! I love it!

Apple picking#8

Unfortunately, because I’m forcing myself to sew of my stash for this KCW challenge, I couldn’t sew a size up – I only had 1 meter left (there was a lot of creative cutting involved)! Obviously, I don’t expect this will last her as much as the earlier version.

Apple picking#5

It has a couple of exquisite details (double placket, neck ties and double layer skirt) and looks very elaborated yet it’s a pleasure to sew (as with any Oliver+S patterns).

Apple picking#6

I love to see how this dress looks in small-scale prints (this is a floral Viyella and it was a perfect match for the pattern).

Apple picking#7

Still a favorite πŸ™‚

Apple picking#2

The fit was perfect on my girl – I would love a bit extra length for the skirt but I really run out of fabric (and because it has been in my stash for so long, I couldn’t purchase more).

Apple picking#4

Hopefully this will become a new favorite – both for me and for my girl. So far, she seems to enjoy it as much as I do πŸ™‚

Apple picking#1

See you tomorrow (fingers crossed, as there are still hems and pictures to be taken).

Apple picking#3

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

14 thoughts on “KCW 2014 // An old favorite

  1. Beautiful Ana Sofia. I’ve always been lukewarm about this pattern too and I have it but haven’t sewn it yet. I know I’ll fall for it once I make it just like you did.
    Yours is gorgeous!

  2. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L dress — “spot on” for this KCW sewing project! The Viyella fabric is lovely with small shades of blue flowers with olive leaves adorning the white background. Those 10 daisy motif blue buttons in pairs down the front are FAB! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this dress on your girl, Ana Sofia. She’s a HAPPY darling model in your photo shoot. One idea to lengthen it so she can wear it another year: lower the bottom tier by adding white fabric UNDER the top tier (cannot be seen). Sarah Helene, Minneapolis, MN

    1. Thank you Sarah! PS. I already added a bit of white fabric under the second tier (didn’t have enough fabric so there was quite a lot of creative cutting for this dress). Crossing my fingers she will still be able to wear it next year πŸ™‚

  3. It’s lovely πŸ™‚ Really. Since the rest of the fit looks so good, maybe adding a white ruffle to the bottom for more length as she grows will work? or an eyelet trimmed ruffle? Eyelet seems to cover a multitude of sins in my book.

  4. It’s beautiful! I love the buttons you used. There have been several O+S patterns that I didn’t particularly care for….and then after being tempted to purchase them because of what I saw in the flickr pool, they become my favorite(s)! Funny how that happens.;)

  5. It is gorgeous! This is one of the first Oliver and S patterns that I made. Your dress is so beautiful that you are making me want to make another one. I do have some liberty fabric that I have been trying to figure out what dress I should make with it.

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