An early Birthday gift: Philomena, the Fox

My little girl will be turning 6 in just a few days …

She has been counting down the dates and I’m still wondering how did this happened so fast! I’m quite sure, she was crawling just yesterday and all of a sudden she’s reading and writing and counting. My sweet baby 🙂 

Moving on, we knew it was time for a little bedroom refashion. Having shared a room with her younger brother for so many years, she will now have a room all of her own so a few sewing projects were in order.

I’ve been working on a big-girl quilt, trying to squeeze it in the slot of time I manage to get on my own after the kids go to bed. Still, I don’t expect it to be finished on time for her birthday (I have the “bad habit” of bringing some office-work home and end up working on reports instead of sewing).

Nevertheless, and because I know how my kids love to get handmade gifts I had also planned some smaller projects that she will love (fingers crossed) and that could be completed on time.

Lucky for me, these didn’t took me longer and are now nicely wrapped waiting for her B-day. I will show you in a few days what I made her. Obviously, she doesn’t read the blog yet, but it’s almost impossible for me to take pictures without her noticing (I can sew during the wee hours of the night, but I do need proper light for the pictures).

I’ll give you an example:

Last week, the sweet Virginia from Gingercake asked me if I was willing to try her newest  Gingercake PDF Pattern : Philomena, the Fox. I’ve tried a few of her patterns before (you may remember, Lucky the Elephant, who is still very much loved around here) and I knew a new soft animal pillow would be a great addition to her Birthday set (and to be honest, Gingercake patterns are a pleasure to sew – simple, clear and  straight forward instructions perfect for sewing with children).

Philomena fox#4

As usual, sewing the pattern was so easy. I know I’ve said that before, but Philomena Fox must be the easiest quickest soft toy pattern I’ve sewn to date (and yes, I had a little helper with me – my youngest boy – and even with that extra “help” it was fast …).

Although I already knew which set of fabrics I was going to use, the most difficult part was to choose the ones to be used for the fox.

In the end, I was rather pleased with the outcome – fabrics are from the new Tasha Noel collection, Country Girls (love love her girly designs).

Philomena fox#3

While my little girl was distracted with her chores (feeding babies, reading stories, …) I decided to take a chance and grab a few pictures of the Fox in her soon-to-be natural environment (if you look closely you can see a glimpse of another Birthday gift).

Obviously, it didn’t work.

Soon, she was in the bedroom checking what we were doing and while we managed to “hide” the basket, the Fox was “caught”.

Philomena fox#7

She kept checking every little detail: How you sew the eyes? Can she sleep with me? What’s inside? … 

Philomena fox#9

She was so happy with her new Philomena Fox, I just couldn’t hold it much longer.

To be honest, who wouldn’t love to get such a lovely Birthday gift ahead of time?

Philomena fox#12

I almost forget to add that this pattern also includes a matching Owl pattern. Around here, the Max Owl is already promised to my little boy (I can tell you there will be some pirates involved. Let’s see how I’ll make it work).

Philomena Fox#Collage

Thank you, Virginia!!

I’m pretty sure this will be another much-lovely animal around here 🙂

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

8 thoughts on “An early Birthday gift: Philomena, the Fox

  1. HOW CUTE… a fox-face pillow in such FAB prints: white dots on pale green in the upper portion & 2 shades of blueberries with green leaves on a white background for the bottom of the face. Your choice of brown for small nose & button eyes are ‘spot on!” Looks like your soon-to-be 6th birthday girl is H-A-P-P-Y! Lots of love sewn into this new pattern. Sarah Helene, Minneapolis

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! My kids love handmade soft toys (I believe it’s because they get to be part of the process. It makes it even better).

  2. so so pretty! And i love the story about sneaking around- they always find out, don’t they! I have to admit that I am happy she found the fox because the photos with her holding him are darling. Thanks for trying it out Sofia!

    1. Thank you so much Virginia!!
      The fox is adorable and I really can’t wait to sew another one (struggling with “time management” issues at the moment, lol)

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