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A Birthday dress and new pants (for the boy)

My girl turned 6 a couple of weeks ago (yes, I’ve been on denial for quite a while) and, as expected, I sew her a new dress.

I did choose the pattern (which I knew she would love) and her favorite colors (she’s not that much into pink, but she does love bright colors and prints):

Georgia Vintage Dress#1

Do you recognize the pattern?

It’s the Georgia Vintage Dress by The Cottage Mama (size 6, obviously) and she couldn’t be more pleased about it. She love it so much, she wore it 2 days in a row and even asked to sleep with it (which didn’t happened).

I was lucky enough to be one of the testers for the Cottage Mama patterns and while I didn’t actually test the Vintage Georgia dress, I follow the testing phase and knew that I would need this pattern: it’s absolutely stunning, Lindsay managed to capture the vintage vibe so well (sleeves, front bib, precious collar, gathered skirt, you name it. Everything is there), her instructions are flawless and it’s just the sort of dress any girl would love (or at least, my girl).

Despite the details, the actual sewing was quite simple (this took me 4 hours from cutting to modelling) and the outcome is just as amazing.

PicMonkey Collage#1

The pattern has quite a few variations, but I tried to keep it as simple as possible. I did however, added a lace trim around the front yoke, which might have been a bit “too much”.

PicMonkey Collage#4

Maybe it was because of my fabric choices (recently I’ve been moving towards softer hues), but I have mixed feelings about this dress: I love the pattern (do try it, if you have the chance) but the actual dress just doesn’t feel right on her: it’s stunning, but I find it a bit “different” (sorry, can’t find the proper word in English).

Maybe my fabric selection wasn’t the most suitable … (again, I love the fabrics, but the whole outfit seems “too busy”)

Georgia Vintage Dress#7

On a side note, and because I often get questioned about my boy’s wardrobe, here’s my current favorite pattern for boy’s pants: Oliver + S Art Museum pants.

The never-ending winter lighting (I know, it should be spring by now) and the fact that I’ve used Hampton Twill Solid in Midnight (these are intended for school-wear so they had to comply with the school uniform policy) didn’t do much for the photos.

I bought this pattern when it was released, but kept postponing making the pants (too many excuses). I can’t tell you this is the most easy fast pattern I know (it’s not), but the outcome will make you so proud – after it was done, I just kept admiring the outcome.

I followed the original pattern (with faux fly) but I already have plans another pair (for weekend wear) using the tutorial for adding a front zipper fly (my boy’s request plus a coordinating vest).

And I might even explore the “shorts” option – these would look great for summer school wearing.

The fit is great on him – slim fit which looks very flattering on him and just enough details to make a little boy happy: belt loops, front pocket and back welt pockets.

Although poor winter lighting made it difficult to document the outcome, I had to share: he had some very specific ideas for modeling: reading his current favorite book and drinking a glass of water (he’s 7, lol).

PicMonkey Collage#2

Of course, there’s no way he could have his own photo session. Someone else wished to be included …

Oliver+S Art Museum Pants#4

These two are the best friends (they plan on running their own farm when they grow up) and the sweetest little persons I know.

And just for your info, they are not twins (she’s 6 and he’s 7). 

PicMonkey Collage#3

Precious, right? (love the way, he still kept his pose. We all love our little “drama queen”)

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia


19 thoughts on “A Birthday dress and new pants (for the boy)

  1. As fotos estão o máximo, Sofia! Os meus dois mais velhos também só fazem diferença de um ano (15 meses), mas têm 6 (ele) e 5 (ela) e dão-se como se fossem gémeos.
    Adorei as calças! E compreendo perfeitamente quando dizes que não são um projecto rápido… No início deste ano testei as Small Fry Skinny jeans (muito parecidas com essas) da Craftstorming, e fiquei super satisfeita por ter feito as minhas primeiras calças e logo com um aspecto tão profissional (como as tuas também estão)! É óptimo, não é?
    O molde do vestido é clássico e fica sempre bem. Apesar de ser um pouco – como dizes – “too busy” (por causa do tecido azul) ficou muito bonito. (Óptima escolha de cores!)

    1. Olá Sara! Obrigada pelo comentário – tenho andado a mil com prazos no trabalho e ainda nem tive oportunidade para responder. Tenciono voltar a repetir o molde do vestido com outros tecidos para ver o efeito – infelizmente acho que ela cresceu imenso durante o inverno e os vestidinhos á bébé já não lhe ficam tão bem. As calças foram um óptima surpresa – adorei o resultado e mais do que justificam o investimento no molde. As Fry Skinny também são super giras – gostei de todas as versões que vi até agora 🙂

  2. Ohhhhhh…el vestido es muy bonito. ..lindo de verdad!!!!. Tu niña de 6 años esta guapísima. …
    Y los pantalones de tu hombrecito son muy chulos….
    Debes de sentirte muy orgullosa de tu costura y de tus hijos!!!
    Besitos guapa

    1. Thank you Linda! I do love the colors, but It’s definitely a bit bold for me. Obviously she loves it and that’s really all that matters, right ?

  3. they’re both so cute!! love the pattern mix on the georgia vintage dress. my little gal wore her starry version to a party last night and my mom said it’s her favorite of the dresses i’ve made. love how the pattern is so classic but has enough detail to be really interesting.

    1. 🙂 The Georgia is such a perfect pattern – love the vintage vibe. Now I just need to try another color combo. PS: my mother-in-law made a similar comment 🙂

  4. Hi Ana,
    New reader and a fan of your sewing.
    Love the dress pattern but I agree it looks a bit too busy for me. Replacing one of the prints with a solid would have highlighted the other print better, IMO.
    The collar and gathered sleeves are just perfect.

    The midnight pants look great. chucking at his posing. Sweet boy 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Sri! I’ll need to try this pattern with more subtle color combo – I’m guessing it will be more suitable to my style (not quite sure if my girl woul agree, nonetheless)

    1. Obrigada Magda!
      Esta semana ando a mil (deadlines no escritório) mas logo que tenha um tempinho vou passar para ver e comentar (e prometo responder ao desafio …)
      Bjinhos, Sofia

  5. Absolutely perfect Ana Sofia.
    Those trousers are marvellous and you little girl looks lovely in her Birthday dress.
    I do understand, I made Tildy a party dress and she loves it, but she hasn’t worn it. I love the fabric and the style but it just isn’t quite us.

    I am wondering about doing a give away to a deserving little girl.

    1. The trousers were such a nice surprise – I have a few in the pipeline (he loves it and it may be boring – sewing for boys – but it’s so rewarding). I’m still not sure about the dress – it’s perfect and quite lovely, but it just doesn’t feel right on her anymore. She loves it and if she could have it her way, she would wear it everyday – need to try a different color combo …

  6. Love the birthday dress (happy birthday!) – and the trousers are completely fab – I thought that I wouldn’t need this pattern, but thinking you may just have convinced me otherwise (& also love his poses)

    1. These were my first try at sewing formal trousers for him. I love them – he loves then too, so I’m sure there’ll more soon (he’s such a sweet boy)!

  7. The birthday dress is adorable! Yes, the fabrics aren’t quite what you usually sew but it still makes for a very cute dress. The pants for your son look great too!

  8. I love this dress. I think the colors look wonderful together. I can tell by looking at other things on your blog that it may not be your usual style but isn’t it fun to mix things up sometimes? I am seriously thinking about buying this dress for my little girl after seeing your version.

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