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Kid’s Clothes Week – Spring Edition (Hide and Seek)

Kid’s Clothes Week – Spring edition is here again!

Liberty Hide and Seek Dress#7

Similar to the previous editions, KCW rules are simple:

  • Sew clothes for your kids
  • 1 hour a day
  • each day for 7 days

If you follow this blog, you may recall that usually Kid’s Clothes Weeks are a must for me.

I do manage to sew quite a few pieces and if the Kid’s Clothes Week dates are not always suitable to my schedule, I even try to plan/sew in advance.

Yet, this time, I knew KCW was not going to happen: 1) I’ve been dealing with a couple of work-related deadlines (love it, of course, but they don’t make it easier to accommodate KCW’s sewing schedule), 2) KCW is happening right in the middle of the Easter School break (3 kids, no school and a exhausted mum. Sorry, I couldn’t see it (sewing) working) and 3) my younger boy was submitted to a (scheduled) ear surgery earlier this week (he’s doing great, btw) and needed extra cuddles.

I was sure, I was going to skip Kid’s Clothes Week -Spring edition this time.

It was day three of KCW already and sewing time had been quite nonexistent.

Then, I managed to secure some “quality sewing time” (explanation: “quality sewing time” is what happens when everyone in the house is asleep and you’re still too much awake and not in the mood for more work-related tasks).

In a subtle attempt to schedule my KCW sewing list, I had selected/printed and cut a couple of patterns I was hoping to work with. Oliver+S Hide and Seek dress pattern was on my list. Within a few minutes, the pattern pieces were cut and I was ready for some late night sewing (love it!).

Confession: Oliver and S Hide and Seek dress was not a love at first sight. I was not entirely convinced when it was first introduced, yet I was sure I would change my mind.

Somehow, it always happens with Oliver+S patterns.

You start by convincing yourself that you really don’t need another pattern, that the design is not exactly right (for you) and, a few days later, you see a couple of gorgeous versions (here, here, here and here and much much more) and suddenly … you badly need another Oliver+S pattern. I’m quite sure some of you can relate to this (right?).

From cutting to finish, it took me about 3 hours (nights are great for sewing) and I can honestly say there will be more versions. I just love everything about this dress – the front yoke (perfect for using small pieces of fabric), the welt pockets and cuffed, three-quarter-length sleeves. It’s truly an adorable dress! And the it sews like a dream – not a quick project, but you can easily complete it in a long sewing session. 

Liberty Hide and Seek Dress#1


I used small dots for the main fabric and a small piece of Liberty Mitsi in green for the front and back yoke.

Liberty Hide and Seek Dress#2

I also added a lace trim to the front yoke.

Liberty Hide and Seek Dress#3

As for the fit on my girl?

Love it! (sorry about the pictures, but with no prior planning, I do considered it a victory to have some action pictures to show here).

Liberty Hide and Seek Dress#4

I’ve selected a size 5 for her, despite her measurements putting her in a size 6. I was hoping for a more fitted look as the dress fit looked a bit loose to me.

Liberty Hide and Seek Dress#6

I plan to search my stash for those little fabric pieces and make few couple more before the summer really hits us (probably I’ll be making the tunic version next).

As for the reaming KCW days, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sew another piece of clothing. Yet, so far I’m quite pleased with myself.

I always love a beautiful dress 🙂

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia



27 thoughts on “Kid’s Clothes Week – Spring Edition (Hide and Seek)

    1. Thank you Nicole!
      Linking to you was a must as I might need to sew a similar version for fall (that’s the best part of having friends sewing one season ahead)!

    1. Oh, Thank you!
      Your version definitely made me take a second look at this pattern – love your fabric combo so much and the fit was perfect on your sweet girl.

    1. Sorry for the delay (and glad to hear it 🙂
      I read somewhere that this dress had a generous fit, so I decided to go back one size and it worked just fine – I didn’t change the length because I didn’t want it to be too long as well (most of the versions I saw where a bit bellow the knee and I prefer it just above the knee).
      I’m so glad the fit was exactly what I was looking for (I was a bit unsure as I sew her the Playtime tunic in Size 7 and it was just right).

    1. I wish I could pick fabrics like you do – Your fabric combos are always fabulous (usually I don’t go far from my “comfort zone”)!
      Strangely enough she wouldn’t care about the bow, but now she even requests it to bed (a pink bow looks fab with her pjs and nightgowns).

  1. I was not interested in this pattern until I saw this post. As always your dress is so inspiring. I just love the Liberty and the lace. I am about to begin a Tea Party dress for my daughter and your blog has influenced my planning. I am using Liberty Lawn fabric and some eyelet.

    1. lol
      The same happened to me – It was only after seeing other version in friend’s blogs that I decided to take a second look at it (and I’m so glad I did. it’s a lovely pattern and a dream to sew – as usual with Oliver+S patterns).
      The Tea Party dress was the one that caught my eyes when the new patterns were unveiled. I still haven’t decided on the fabric combo nevertheless, but your plan looks quite perfect to me (following).

      1. I am doing the Tea Party (old pattern) not Garden Party though I do want to buy that pattern. I became very excited when I first saw the Garden party dress. I can’t wait to see yours. I am doing the Tea Party so I can have a matching doll dress for my daughter.

  2. I’ve just made an Apple Picking Dress and I could have copied and pasted exactly what you said about how a pattern may not appeal but the sewing is fun and the end result is much more pleasing than you’d imagined. Love Oliver + S!!
    this dress of yours is beautiful and I especially like the green

    1. I just read your post 🙂
      Love love your version – and I have a little girl who is pretty excited to see that it can actually be worn for cycling (she always wear jeans …). I might need to get her some proper leggings as well 🙂

  3. Beautiful dress! I felt the same way about this pattern until seeing some of the other versions pop up. I like how you slimmed the pattern down a bit by using a smaller size. Lovely!

    1. Thank you!
      It did work quite well (and I wasn’t quite sure about it at first. I sew her a size 7 for the Playtime dress …). This dress was definitely a good surprise (of course, I should have guessed it: Oliver+S never failed on me)!

  4. Yay for Liberty Yokes! Love this dress and had a similar thought process on it – it’s now one of my favorites. Thanks for linking to me, too!! 🙂

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. So fresh and sweet .. there is no way you cannot sew a Tova! (Thanks for your comment xox)
    Happy Easter.

  6. YOU’VE SEWN A LOVELY DRESS for your young daughter, Ana Sofia! I love your selection of tiny dots for the dress highlighted by a yoke in a Liberty fine cotton fabric of blooming flowers. The green background POPS with small white flowers/ gold star centers & vivid turquoise leaves, as shown in the close-up photo. It’s an “heirloom” for certain! SPRING is here! Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

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