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Lua Testers’ Tour: Sleep sack

I’m quite sure you didn’t saw this coming … A sleep sack pattern 🙂 Sleep Sack#3

It’s no surprise that I love everything made by An (from the Straight Grain blog): I’ve tested all of her patterns so far and I can honestly say that I’ve learn so much from all of them.

Straight Grain patterns manage to combine style (I do love her sense of style) and comfort (her Bubble dress is still one of my girl’s favorite pieces and I’m planning another Hanami top for summer. And I won’t even comment on the Tinny dress – what’s not to love, right?) and An’s flawless instructions lead to quite professional results.

Although I don’t have babies anymore (and no plans to change the situation in the near future), I couldn’t help myself from following the “upcoming” sleep sack pattern. You see, all my 3 kids were “sleep sacks” addicts – I found out about it when I was pregnant with my 1st child and it soon become one of my favorite baby items.

If there’s one thing I can highly recommend to a mother-to-be is a “sleep sack”.  It’s truly a “must-have”. As far as I can remember, store bought sleep sacks can be quite expensive (of course, it varies with the brand and type of fabric. Mines were bought from a French brand and came with a matching price tag – totally worth it btw, as my kids wore them everyday when they were babies) and they do make lovely gifts for babies.

Oddly enough, my brother-in-law and his wife will be welcoming their first baby in a few months (late October) and obviously I couldn’t think of a better gift 🙂 Luckily (for me), An allowed me to test the Lua pattern (did you know “Lua” means “Moon” in Portuguese? Love the name!!) using my “current baby model).

button slaapzak

The Lua pattern comes in 3 sizes: 0-6 months, 6 months-1 year, 1-2 years and can be easily accomplished by a beginner/intermediate sewer.

It has a main fabric, lining and soft batting and it closes with a lined side-zipper (for easy to  use) and button closure (An’s tip for sewing the buttons while ensuring your baby safety is so clever).

My challenge when testing this pattern was selecting a gender-neutral print that could meet the “parents to be” expectations. As we still don’t know if we’re expecting a baby boy or a baby girl, I went with soft hues (mint print from Tilda paired with matching Gingham lining) and skipped the optional front piping.

Sleep Sack#Teaser

Wonder why I made the smaller size? Well, that will give me an excuse to sew the other two sizes (I told you I love “sleep sacks”).

Sleep Sack#1

While the recipients of this sleep sack haven’t seen it (in a few weeks, they will), everyone that saw it, love it (I even got a “special request” from a person who doesn’t usually like handmade. I was so impressed)!

Sleep Sack#5

The Lua pattern is currently sold for $6, but the code LUALAUNCH gives you a $1 discount.

Thank you again, An for the wonderful pattern!

Sleep Sack#7

Happy sewing, Ana Sofia

4 thoughts on “Lua Testers’ Tour: Sleep sack

  1. CUTE-AS-CAN-BE baby sleep sack! SO SIMPLE, yet practical for little ones. Ana Sofia, as always your pastel sleep sack is darling as you were a tester for the Lua pattern from STRAIGHT GRAINS PATTERNS! Sarah in Minneapolis

  2. Sleep slacks were a relatively new thing when my “babies” were babies and I didn’t use them. But they look very handy to have and eleminate the kicked off blankets! It’s very cute, Ana Sofia.:)

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