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Easter dress (finally!)

In my defense, I’ve been working behind the scenes (pattern testing and quite a handful of Summer sewing already completed) and I still missed posting here.

As promised, I’m back to show you this year Easter dress.

Despite having 2 new dresses (or more, but I’ll leave that to another post), my girl was in need of a new Easter dress, i.e. one that hasn’t been worn before (I’m pretty sure, you agree with me).

So, and even my husband and kids succeed in taking me to the mountains during our Easter break (it was snowing and, to be honest I was hoping for some warm weather), I convinced them that a new Easter dress was “necessary”.

I had a couple of hours before leaving, so I sew a familiar pattern: The Colombine dress/tunic from Papillon et Mandarine.

I’ve sew this pattern so many times before, that I don’t need to follow the instructions anymore (I sincerely lost track of the number of dresses/tunics I’ve made from it). I always love the outcome.

Colombine Paisley_Front view
For this version, I followed the original pattern almost to the letter but made it sleeveless, because this way she will be able to wear it all-year (add a blouse when the weather is cold, and wear it sleeveless during warmer summer days).

I had a fab paisley print in my stash but as there wasn’t enough so I used a matching cream linen for the ties.

Colombine Paisley_Front detail

Please excuse the poor indoor pictures (it was already dark when the dress was completed).

I was not sure if my girl would be willing to wear the dress outside (because of the snow) and I sure didn’t want her to catch a cold.
Luckily, my husband found an amazing spot at the bottom of the mountain that was snow-free and we did managed to get some action pictures

Colombine Paisley#3

Oddly, my girl wanted to wear the dress outside and didn’t complained a bit

Colombine Paisley#5

She was genuinely having fun (it was a bit cold. She put her winter coat and tights+boots as soon as these pictures were taken).

Colombine Paisley#6

Here’s a better detail of the fabric color – it’s not pink, it’s coral with bits of cream. I think it’s quite lovely (I got it from here).

Colombine Paisley#4

I can’t believe this is a size 8 already! (of course, there’s quite a bit of growing room and I made the skirt shorter. I’ll let it down as she grows).

Colombine Paisley#1

Thank you for reading.

Happy sewing,
xx, Ana Sofia

12 thoughts on “Easter dress (finally!)

  1. Oh how I wish that I could make something as pretty as that as quickly as you Ana Sofia but even after50 years of sewing I can’t. Very sweet dress and it looked great with the thick tights. Have you had a try at the “Swan” tulle skirt from Papillon et Mandarine? I could not get that tulle to look good at all .

    1. Thank you Pamela. I do have done this one quite a few times before (I believe my first version was a size 4 and now I’m sewing a size 8 …).
      Sorry, I never tried the “Swan” tulle skirt. To date, my girl hasn’t request a ballerina skirt – she’s a bit more radical, I’m afraid (although lately, she’s been asking for an Elsa dress …)

  2. Como siempre. …un vestido fabuloso. .bien cosido..con mucho estilo!!!
    Y tu niña guapísima! !!!
    Besitos guapa

  3. It’s gorgeous! The print is so pretty.:) The scenery is divine…that brook looks like it’s straight from a storybook.

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