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Library ninja dress

Another dress that was finished a couple of months ago, but never made it here.

I’ve said it before, if I don’t blog about it as soon as it’s finished, changes are I forget about posting about it.

Nevertheless, and because there are still a few things that I would like to post here (I’m constantly checking back here as reference), I’ll be making a few short posts over the next couple of weeks (before it’s way to late for that, lol).

This week: Oliver+S Library Dress in navy seersucker and Liberty leftover from a previous project.

I didn’t felt for this pattern when it was first released and it did took me quite a while to actually get it. And even after that, it took me some seriously “reflection” to choose the right fabrics (still I’m not sure of my choices).

Library dress#4

Don’t judge the dress by the way it looks in the doll form (the dress is a size 6 and it’s quite a fitted design and the doll form is a size 8).

Library dress#5

Nevertheless, I was totally won by this dress after it’s worn.

The fit is adorable on my girl and I can’t get over how cute the pleated skirt looks.

Library dress#2

Of course, my girl didn’t get impressed by the pattern name (Library dress) and decided it was more fitted to a ninja…

Library dress#3

I can see more versions of the Library Dress in my future. I will however make a small adjustment in order to make the waistband a little narrow as both my husband and my kids keep calling it the “Ninja dress” 🙂

Library dress#1

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia





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  1. That’s so funny, my little gal calls her Library Dress her “karate dress!” Maybe we should petition Liesl for a pattern name change. 😉 I love your version, it’s beautiful!

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