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Bohemian Babydoll Dress Tour

I’m pretty sure you have already seen the new Bohemian Babydoll dress and top pattern from Heidi of Elegance and Elephants.

It was already in sewing list so when Heidi emailed a couple of “sewing friends” (the best) asking if we’re willing to play with the it, I literally jump off my chair. Seriously?!  🙂

As her previous patterns, the Bohemiam Babydoll didn’t disappoint (the pdf has the option of selecting jut the size you need, so no need to waste extra paper).

I already had my fabric selection narrowed for this pattern (cotton eyelet, tiny polka dots and a Liberty remain from a previous project) yet it only took me a bit more to convince myself to sew the top instead of the dress version.

I love sewing pretty dresses (if you’re a follower, I’m sure you’ve noticed that by now) and I’m sure this pattern would looks amazing as one, but my girl is in desperate need of some summer tops (and buttons) and this pattern has so many lovely features: empire waist, slightly squared neckline and hi-lo neckline, that I was sure it would look lovely as a top.

Therefore, a Bohemian Babydoll top it was … bohemian babydoll top#1 The pattern also has the option of flutter sleeves which obviously are just perfect for my girl (again, you knew I was going for those as well, right?). If you wish a simpler version, you can also make it sleeveless and that’s just as cute.

My favorite part however is the hem facing. Perfect for using those tiny scraps of your favorite fabric. bohemian babydoll top#3 I choose a size 6 for my girl (she’s 6) and the fit looks perfect on her – the pattern runs for 6 months to 9 years.

The top has a fully lined bodice (no visible seams) and no closures (no buttons, no zippers) yet, surprisingly, it goes smoothly over my girl’s head (no complains involved). It took me over 2 hours from cutting to modelling and I would recommended it for a beginner (willing to be challenged a bit).

Just give it a try 🙂 bohemian babydoll top#2 The best review I can give this pattern? My girl insisted on wearing it to school the day after in spite of the cloudy weather outside.

She wanted to show it to her friends 🙂 bohemian babydoll top#4 I can understand why. It’s so flattering (and probably a bit more modern that my usual style, but I’m willing to compromise, specially when it looks this adorable on her). bohemian babydoll top#5 My only complain? I would love this pattern in women’s size. I quite sure I would sew one for myself (probably without the flutter sleeves…).

Thank you so much Heidi for the play invitation. It was so much fun!

xx, Ana Sofia

A final note: Don’t forget there’s a Sewlosophy Pattern Giveaway here. The giveaway closes Saturday, June 7 at 11 pm GMT!

28 thoughts on “Bohemian Babydoll Dress Tour

  1. oh it’s adorable! i showed it to my daughter and she asked for one right away! that floral hem facing is really perfect.

  2. Divine. I adore the fabrics you’ve chosen for this one. Perfect as a top. I appreciate the less is more, but perfectly gorgeous, styling of this one. Well done.

    1. I love the eyelet but it seemed a bit overwhelming to use it for the entire top. I really like it as an accent (although, my favorite part is still the Liberty hem facing. Can’t help it 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Heidi (especially because I miss both the date and the post link. Sorry!)! This is such a wonderful pattern – perfect for beginners and surely a must-have for anyone sewing for girls 🙂

  3. Adorei! Principalmente o detalhe do tecido floral na baínha. Definitivamente este molde é excelente cm todos os que tenho visto da Heidi.=D

    1. Obrigada Magda! Confesso que foi o primeiro molde da Heidi que experimentei e gostei imenso – apesar de ser um pouco diferente do meu estilo habitual fiquei fã 🙂

    1. For sure 🙂 and it would look rather sweet – the fit is quite suitable for a fall/winter jumper (probably the most challenging part would be the flutter sleeves, but this would look equally darling without them).

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