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Perfect prize: The Laura Dress

Several weeks ago, I was the lucky winner of the Frannie Challenge in the Sew Classic for Children (a Facebook secret group). I won a generous gift certificate from The Children’s Corner Store.

Nevertheless, the lovely (and very talented) Lezette Thomanson was kind enough to include a few extra treats in my package. It included several lovely patterns for my little girl! A huge thank-you!!

Childrens Corner_patterns

I was in pattern heaven and couldn’t wait to start sewing 🙂

After some careful consideration, I picked Laura, one of The Children’s Corner latest pattern that was already on my wish list.

As with most CC patterns, I was capture by the clean, timeless lines of the Laura dress (looks a bit Jackie O. to me) but there are also a couple of lovely details that make this such a unique dress: delicate front gathers (my favorite) and a partial two-piece collar plus a bottom band , which would be perfect for embroidery.


The Laura dress (and top) includes a sleeveless version (fully lines) and a short sleeve version (which can be lined or unlined). I made the fully lined short sleeve version and I must say it does gives such a nice drape to the dress.


I used a beautiful floral (from Farmhouse) print and light blue polka dots from my stash as accent.

I also added a lace trim to the bottom hem.


If you have already sew from The Children’s Corner patterns, I’m sure you share my opinion: These patterns are quite a pleasure to sew with; the fit is great, the instructions are lovely to follow and trust me, really fitted for every sewing level (and I’ve mentioned here before the Help Videos, which I’ve watched countless times even before purchasing my first CC pattern).

This dress was completed a few weeks ago (I know, I’m becoming a late blogger) and to be honest, it was intended as a “trial version”.

Despite loving the design, I wasn’t quite sure if my little girl would love it as much as I do. I promptly assume this would be worn when a more formal attire is required (e.g. church, family reunion, special event, …).

But my girl had a different opinion; as soon as she saw the dress, she loved it.


We were preparing to go away for the weekend, and I had set apart comfy clothes for the kids (shorts and tees). Nevertheless, she insisted on wearing the new dress. It was comfy enough, she said, after I argue it wouldn’t be comfortable enough for such a long-distance car journey.

To prove her point, she promptly showed me how “perfect” this dress was for travelling (caution: silly pictures ahead):




I was quite sure she wouldn’t be making those moves in the car, but nonetheless, she won (no need to argue with a 6-years old, right?), wore the Laura dress and I can confirm that it has since become one of her favorite pieces of clothing.


Of course, I took advantage of this “love at first sight” (which I totally share) and sew her the top version as well (I’ll show it here in a couple of days).


Thank you so much for the lovely package CC!

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia



20 thoughts on “Perfect prize: The Laura Dress

  1. Very cute dress. Love your color combinations. First time I’ve seen this pattern on a child, and it fits very well!

    1. Thank you Debra! The fit is great on her and I’m sure it must be quite comfy (she wouldn’t wear it otherwise, for sure)!

  2. ADORABLE as always! I am so glad you won the prize–your sewing always inspires me to try new patterns so I can’t wait to see what you sew up. I’m thrilled you did this one. Honestly, it never caught my eye before but your version makes me LOVE the pattern!

    1. Thank you so much Julie! It’s quite a lovely pattern and I love the fit on her (I tend to favor dresses with clean lines and a few accents and this one is just perfect). I will be posting the top version soon (it’s so cute)!

  3. Guau!!!. Es una preciosidad!!!.
    El vestido es lindisimo y tu niña que mayor y que guapa!!.
    Voy a echar un vistazo a esos patrones!!.
    Besitos guapa

    1. Muchas gracias Sonia! De verdad que le queda de maravilla y se ve preciosa (mañana pongo la version top. Muy bonito!) Besitos

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment! I’m always amazed by your outstanding service – I love quilting cottons, but try to favor apparel fabrics when sewing for my kids, and your fabric selection never disappoint 🙂

    1. Thank you! I really wasn’t expecting that “love at first sight” as the dress is not pink and doesn’t twirl that much (not at all, to be honest). But, she keeps on asking to wear it so I reckon that 1) she loves the prints/colors or 2) it’s truly comfy to wear. Or both 🙂

  4. Beautiful dress and lovely fabric (they match perfectly and it’s also one of my favourite colours combination for summer!). Loved it, as all I’ve seen so far.

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment 🙂
      She is not very much into pink (except for sleepwear) so I knew the color combo would be a hit (I wasn’t really expecting that it would become a favorite dress, but they always managed to surprised us 🙂
      Obrigada pelo comentário (adorei!!)

  5. I’ve never tried any Children’s Corner patterns but this dress is certainly very sweet! And how nice to sew something that is so well loved!

    1. They’re wonderful patterns – well-written and with a great fit (at least on my girl). I always love their clean, timeless designs so I’m a bit biased, but I’m sure you’ll love it as well 🙂

  6. You’ve done it again!! What a gorgeous creation….LOVE the color combination, as well as the additional lace trim! Lezette knew what she was doing to gift you a few more Children’s Corner Patterns to sew….

    1. I felt like a kid on Christmas day 🙂 So many lovely patterns – the Laura was my first pick because it was already on my wish list 🙂 It’s a great pattern (I have a weakness for “classic” children’s clothes) and it was truly a pleasure to sew 🙂

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