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As promised … the Laura top

After the enthusiastic reception my girl gave the Laura dress (here), I was highly motivated to sew the top version.

I selected the unlined short sleeve top version and one of my favorite summer fabric combo: seersucker and Liberty (scraps from two previous projects. Barely enough for the top).


Despite my planning, as soon as the weather warms up I know my girl’s closet will always be short of tops.

This Laura top was an easy sewing (the previous dress version was fully lined and it was a rather quick sewing, so this one, being unlined, went even faster).

This version called for coordinating piping at the sleeves, but I didn’t have enough Liberty fabric, so I left it out (nonetheless, it would have been rather adorable).


Both the top and the dress version have buttons in the back – my girl is quite okay with this as she loves buttons and if I follow her style tips, most of her clothes would be covered with multicolored buttons :).

She didn’t show as much enthusiasm for the top version (maybe she’s truly a “dress girl”?), but I can confirm that this has already been worn a couple of times and we both love the way it looks. As with the dress version, this top is also quite comfy to wear (it has a loose fit, but it’s anything but baggy).


The top is quite flattering on her (specially because of her toddler tummy) and I love the round neckline (perfect for our summer days, as there’s always some wind, even when it’s really hot). The delicate gathers at the neckline are more visible in this top version (despite my incipient photograph skills).

I think it looks rather cute with shorts and I would say it’s a beautiful option for a casual, yet polished (can I say this?), summer look for girls.


Now, can you guess what will be my next Children’s Corner pattern?

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia



11 thoughts on “As promised … the Laura top

  1. Totally a “polished” casual look. Gorgeous. I love tops and shorts or skirts on girls. She looks lovely and I’m very jealous of her hair in todays photoshoot!

    1. She keeps growing up, but the “toddler tummy” is a “keeper” (and one of the main reasons for her not wearing as much skirts as I would like her to – I can’t keep the proportions right, lol). This top/dress does offer a lovely fit 🙂

  2. Cute, cute, cute! I would have guessed the Children’s Corner Jacqueline as your next pattern to sew….but after your latest blog release, I’m guessing I was wrong!!

    1. 🙂 I only have the bigger sizes for Jacqueline so it will have to wait a bit. Nevertheless, it won’t be too long (it’s so lovely) 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I do love the fit on her – a very clever (and sophisticated) style yet totally appropriate for a child 🙂

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