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Sundress season is here :)

As you should now by now, one of my favorite things to sew are dresses. And sundresses are just as good: easy to sew, perfect to wear and always the perfect addition to a girl’s wardrobe.

Since its release (in 2011), I’ve been sewing my girl one Seashore sundress (by Oliver+S) every summer, but I never managed to get pictures of it.

The reason?

Well, like most of my sewing, every Seashore sundress that I made to date, was completed in the wee hours of the night, and my girl couldn’t wait to wear it to school the next morning (and you already know the rest – no pictures taken before because it was dark and no pictures taken afterwards because the dress would be too wriggled/dirty for such a task).

Well, this year, the dress was completed in proper hours (after dinner, but not too late) and I’m finally able to post about it 🙂

Seashore Sundress#5

My initial fabric choice was a bit more nautical, but my girl picked this print from my stash and I was happy to oblige. True to be told, my option was not as exciting. The bolder colors look great on this dress and I was quite pleased with her choice (I might need to shop my stash more often).

The fabric is Song Bird from Riley Blake (I’ve used another colorway here) and because I only had 1-yard, I couldn’t match the design. Although the print is busy enough to make it work, I still a bit annoyed with the mismatched front and back.

Seashore Sundress#6


There’s not much to be said about the construction of this dress – Oliver+S instructions leave no room for mistakes – by now, I’m sewing this dress by heart, but it’s indefinably a beginner pattern (no major issues and just 2 buttonholes, lol).

Although, last year version still fits her (it’s a “copy” of the dress in the pattern cover. I even managed the fuzzy cutting), I went a size up for this year sundress – usually the fit on this dress is good enough for 2-years of wear (the second year will be a tad short, but still wearable).

Seashore Sundress#4

There’s some room to grow, but we both can live with it (actually, I thing she prefers it like this – a fitted shape is not as nice when it’s warm and humid outside).

Seashore Sundress#1

As with the previous versions, this year Sundress was a success.

It was worn the next day and she declared “very chic” – because of the polka dots pockets (?).

Well, I think it’s just lovely, don’t you agree?

Seashore Sundress#2

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia



9 thoughts on “Sundress season is here :)

  1. She has such wonderful taste in fabric! I think she picked a perfect print for this pattern, I love this dress!

    1. Not quite sure why she found it “chic”. she«s been wearing it to the beach and to the recess – I think it means she loves it 🙂

    1. Thank you! She’s becoming more interested in the fabric-selection (and the actual sewing) process and … she almost never picks pink or purple (lucky me).

  2. Cute! I’ve had this pattern for awhile but have yet to make a dress with it. I think you have inspirede to make it for my next project for my daughter!

    1. 🙂 It’s definitely a lovely dress and a rather quick project. I really like the fit on my girl and she obviously loves it (I have made her quite a few to date and they have all been very much worn).

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