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(Vintage) Claire’s Nightgown

I am a bit picky when it comes to children’s nightwear.

Obviously, I strongly believe children should wear comfy clothes to sleep, and that can be something as simple as a tee and a pair of shorts (and trust me, my kids wear this combo quite a lot), but I love the vintage nightgowns I used to wear when I as a child (always made of crispy white cotton with a bit of lace trim).

Unfortunately, it was not easy to find a sewing pattern for making a “vintage-style” nightgown for my girl: I kept running into lovely vintage patterns that were just not my girl’s size or missed a detail …

Well, my search is over.

Lindsay from the Cottage Mama has just released the Claire’s Pajamas which is just what I was looking for (and much more).

The pattern includes a full-length nightgown with long or short sleeves plus a two-piece pants pajama also with long or short sleeves and as a bonus, the pattern a matching 18″ doll pattern for all design options. How perfect is that?

Claire 6T 1


I was lucky enough to test the full-length nightgown with short sleeves for my girl and I can tell you that this has been wearing almost non-stop since it was completed.

As expected, I don’t really choose bright colors and prints for my children sleepwear and for my version I picked a soft floral from my stash, which obviously didn’t photograph well (but it’s lovely in real life).

The Claire’s pajamas pattern feature a cute front yoke with a ruffle (plus a tiny neck ruffle) which makes it quite a sweet and girly.

My girl loved this style and, for once, was quite happy to model her new nightgown.

Claire's 3

I’ve sewn most of Lindsay patterns and I’m always impressed with her attention to the details – her instructions are quite comprehensive and that’s really useful if, like me, you tend to sew after a day in the office (I can still sew, but only if “someone” is leading me).

This pattern runs from 6 months to 10 years (only available as pdf) and I’ve made size 6-years for my girl (with some room to grow).

DSC_0423Sweet dreams 🙂

xx Ana Sofia



14 thoughts on “(Vintage) Claire’s Nightgown

  1. Tão gira! Adoro o tecido e o modelo!
    A camisa de noite tem um ar super confortável mas também muito “arranjadinha”.
    A Teresa anda a pedir-me para lhe fazer camisas de noite de verão. Acho que vou ter que pôr mãos à obra…

    1. Obrigada Marta!
      Este molde tem imenso potencial e acaba por ser um óptimo investimento. Como andava à procura de um molde vintage para lhe fazer algo muito parecido, fiquei super contente 🙂
      Provavelmente, farei alguns ajustes (comprimento, tamanho do peitilho da frente, folho na abertura do pescoço) mas está super aprovado – como só costumo fazer pijamas não tinha ideia de ser tão facil/rápido fazer uma camisa de dormir 🙂

    1. Obrigada Carla!
      Ela nem é muito esquisita no que toca a roupa de dormir, mas como é óbvio adorou esta camisa de dormir (principalmente, porque eu evito fazer-lhe peças tão “à princesa” e normalmente uso os moldes de pijama da Oliver+S ou da Citronille). Para o pattern testing tive de seguir as instruções do molde, mas vou fazer a próxima versão mais curtinha para o tempo quente.

  2. This is really lovely Ana Sofia and it doesn’t look too full, which is a problem with many of the true ‘vintage’ pattern.
    I may have to get this one.

    1. You’re so right Nicole!
      It still captures the vintage-look (with a modern touch) but you can get away with much less fabric (I used 1-meter for the main fabric plus some seersucker scraps for the ruffles).
      This has just become a favorite girl’s sleepwear pattern: it includes several options (both nightgown and two-piece pajamas, in shorts and long sleeves, plus the matching doll clothes) and ranges from 6 months to 10 years. I will definitely put it to good use 🙂

  3. I’s beautiful and the pink fabric really suits her so well. This is on my must have pattern list now!

    1. It’s a lovely pattern! And with so many options and sizes, I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot. I didn’t have a pattern for nightgowns so this was really “needed” 🙂

    1. I would say it’s a great investment 🙂
      It has several options: nightgown, pajamas and doll clothes, with both long and short sleeves and ranges from 6 months to 10 years. Definitely a must-have pattern if you sew for girls 🙂

  4. It is perfect. I really searched to buy my kids classic (vintage) like pjs and found one nightgown for my daughter. I came to the conclusion that I would have to make their pjs but haven’t yet. I did purchase one vintage pattern but after sewing a vintage pattern recently I am wary to try another one. I need details. I will definitely be purchasing this.

    1. That’s a good point – I also need more details for proper sewing (otherwise, I would be lost. That’s the problem with sewing in the wee hours, lol). This one is definitely detailed and really nice to follow. Truly recommended 🙂

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