Day One: KCW July 2014

Once again, KCW is here (remember the motto: Sew clothes for your kids, 1 hour a day, each day for 7 days).

From today until next Sunday, 27 July 2014, it’s the summer edition of Kid’s Clothes Week: lots of sundresses, tops and shorts will be feature by so many talented ladies (you can check it all here and register if you fell like joining the fun).

I almost skipped this edition: too busy balancing kid’s summer holidays with me still working full-time (don’t ask me how we managed, because it’s not fun for either of us), but at the last minute I decided to join the fun.

I have a couple of projects in the pipeline and 2 projects on the go, so there was really no excuse, right?

My first project has been in the pipeline for quite a while.

I bought the Geranium dress pattern (Made by Rae) when the larger sizes were released, but it did took me a while to join the crowd.


Obviously, now I wonder what took me so long.

It’s truly my type of pattern: a simple lovely dress (and top) pattern with so many options to choose from (including flutter sleeves, but i did managed to skip them this time).

For KCW day One, I choose a very simple version: cap sleeves, a gathered skirt and cutout neckline and a candy stripe print from my stash.

Once a saleslady from my local shop advise me to stay from sewing with stripes (too difficult to match and kept straight), but I love them so there are quite a few striped fabrics in my cupboard (Stripes have such a timeless appeal – even in this bubblegum-colored version 🙂


I made a size 6 with several added inches (in length) to make sure it will last her until the end of the summer. She’s already growing the ones I made her a couple of months ago 😦

As expected sewing was easy (there’s not much left to be said about this pattern. The construction is quite straight forward and the pdf pattern does feature quite a lot of pictures to guide you along the way), but getting a proper picture of my girl was, once again, mission impossible.


She loves the dress (as she loves almost everything I sew for her), but she really dislikes taking pictures.

The picture above was the best from the lot (please excuse, the already too wrinkled dress from playing – and running away from the camera).

Oh well, hopefully tomorrow will be much better.

KCW 0214-ice-cream-300

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia

15 thoughts on “Day One: KCW July 2014

  1. I haven’t bought this pattern yet but I think I just might after seeing this, it’s gorgeous. Love stripes.

    1. Thank you Peta! It’s really a quite simple pattern (lots of options, nonetheless) and I finally decided to tried it because my girl really loves this style of dress. I do love the fit on her (I will tried the pleated skirt next).

  2. Awsome Ana Sofia, there are a lot of beautiful Geraniums on the web, but you always manage to make a pattern look amazing. I love the cap sleeves and the stripes ❤

    1. Thank you so much Carla! It does look much better in person – stripes are not easy to photograph and my “lovely” model didn’t exactly helped 🙂

  3. Hello,
    I too sew for my kids. I have three girls and two boys and one of unknown gender on the way. I love the things you make for your girl, she is the same size as my one daughter. I am looking for a really cute pants pattern. We live in Pennsylvania and it gets nasty cold here in the winter. Do you have any suggestions for very cute pants? Thanks!

    1. Hello Jill, Nice to hear from you – you must be quite proud of your lovely family! Congrats! I don’t own many girl’s pants patterns (she still prefers dresses and I’m quite happy to oblige) but I do occasionally sew some for my girl. My current favorite is the Oliver+S After-school pants (These seam to have the best fit on her.), but there are several great patterns available (This fall I’m hoping to try the new Serendipity trousers pattern). Our winters are quilt mild (not chilly and no snow, lol) so she can get away with regular pants, but you may also wish to check Oliver+S post for adding a flannel lining to any pants with a separate waistband. Hope it helps 🙂

      1. Thanks for the ideas. I did see the serendipity trousers pattern and may try that one. Ugh, we moved from where it was nice and warm back to cold ole PA to be near family. We do like being close to friends and family, but could do without the cold!

      2. 🙂
        Family and friends are always the best option (you can always add another layer of clothing if it gets too cold, right?)
        All the best for your growing family 🙂

  4. So fan desta pattern… Nao sabia que tinha tamanhos grandes (quando comprei so vinha ate 5T). Ja fiz imensos Geraniums e gosto sempre do resultado final! O teu esta espectacular! 🙂

    1. Como a minha filha estava mesmo no último tamanho (5 anos) quando surgiu, acabei por não comprar 🙂 Claro, que quando a Rae actualizou a pattern até aos 12 anos, deixei de ter desculpas (sou óptima a convencer-me a mim própria …). É super simples, mas assenta mesmo bem 🙂

  5. It is so lovely. I don’t have this pattern but I may have to buy it. I love the stripes though I am afraid to sew with them.

    1. My local shop owner always discouraged me to sew with stripes (matching would be a nightmare), but this was just begging to be sewn into a dress (and it’s one of my husband favorite dresses), so I guess it was worth the challenge 🙂

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