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Day Two: KCW July 2014

When Willow & Co. patterns were released a couple of months ago there were several patterns that made into my sewing-wish list in the blink of an eye.

The Clover shorts and the Fawn Lily tunic (and dress) were my first selection and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

My girl loves dresses almost as much as I do, but shorts are definitely a close second in her list. She wears them regardless of the season and loves to pair them with almost anything (yes, winter coats included).

For KCW day Two I choose a soft color combo as I wanted to used some fabric scraps (the polka dots and brown linen) and use a smaller piece of Liberty that was not enough for a blouse.

The entire outfit look surprisingly cute and, dare I say, polished (I added a burgundy ribbon I found on my cupboard for the shorts bow).



Both pieces were made in size 6, but I will go a size up for my next attempt with the shorts (these look a bit tight/short on her – for that reason I didn’t hem the leg bands as instructed by the pattern).

The Clover shorts were such a quick sew – I wasn’t expecting it, because they look much more elaborated. It was a pleasure to sew them and to be honest I already have another pair cut (unfortunately it’s also a size 6) as I’m sure these will be worn quite a lot.


The Fawn Lily tunic was also a lovely sew, but because I didn’t choose the “easiest” construction method for the sleeve, it did took me some time to assemble the sleeves (after a few failed attempts, I ended up following the instructions and it was perfect).


However, I do think it was totally worth it. The tunic is lovely and there are no exposed seams inside the garment, which is one of my favorite things.

The Fawn Tunic is such a unique design (and has tons of options) that one can’t help but to take a second look at it – the yoke and the sleeves are my favorite part, but I must say I was also impressed with the fit on my girl.


This tunic has no closures (no zipper, no buttons. Clever pattern design at it’s best) and while I was afraid it wouldn’t go over her head (having a big head, lol) the fit was just perfect 🙂

And unlike yesterday, I did managed to get a picture of my girl wearing this outfit.

Did she lovesd this one better? Not exactly, I would say she was just in a better mood 🙂


Just a quick note about this Liberty fabric (not a new print and probably not my usual floral picks). It’s called the Lodden and it’s available in a few colorways (my favorite is the blue and green). The Lodden is an original William Morris design, first produced by Morris & Co. in 1884.

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

KCW 0214-ice-cream-300




14 thoughts on “Day Two: KCW July 2014

  1. I love the whole outfit! Turning those sleeves is like a magic trick, isn’t it? Thanks for the tip on the shorts too. It’s on to-do list as well.

    1. It’s totally worth it 🙂 Obviously, I shouldn’t have tried to figure out the instructions (very clever). The second sleeve was rather quickly to make.

  2. Mais uma vez maravilhoso. Adoro o Liberty, também não seria o primeiro que escolheria, mas resulta super bem nesta túnica. Dá um ar de mais crescida.
    A M. está mesmo uma crescida ❤ Linda.

    1. Obrigada Carla! Consegui este Liberty no eBay há imenso tempo, mas como era um corte pequeno, não sabia muito bem o que fazer com ele (há problemas maiores, certo?). Também fiquei bastante contente com o resultado 😉

    1. Thank you Olga!
      I almost skipped the sash (I didn’t sew the pattern piece because it was getting rather late), but it really makes the outfit 🙂

  3. oh i love this outfit! the fawn lily is such a unique and interesting design – i have the pattern but haven’t made it yet! beautiful fabric choices.

    1. I can’t wait to make more versions – it definitely has a lot of potential (and the fit is perfect)! This color palette makes her lot a bit older, but I guess I need to be prepared for that 🙂

    1. Thank you! You really should – the shorts are an incredibly fast sewing and the top is really worth the time (which is also not as much) 🙂

    1. Obrigada Magda! Acho que sai um pouco do meu estilo habitual, mas ela está a crescer e gosto de a ver com estes modelos mais “menina crescida” 🙂

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