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Day Four: KCW July 2014

Usually KCW starts earlier for me – I tried to sew one week in advance so that I can find some time to blog about the projects during the actual KCW.

For this KCW July 2014 I did managed to sew in advance (all but one very special project, which is still in the making – not because it’s a difficult one, but because I messed up the first version and have yet to find time to sew another one. I’m sure some of you know how it goes. Frustrating, to say the least).

Well, back to Day four of KCW:

I have a soft spot for blue and red gingham and every other season I managed to sew something using this fabric (this was part of a lovely package from the FarmhouseFabrics – you may recognize the floral print from here):


A couple of years ago, I sewed a classic girl’s dress with gathered skirt, waistband ties and peter pan collar (here) and as I was ready to sew her a new version, I decided to go with another pattern: Mamie by the Children’s Corner.

Mannie 5

The Mamie is a round-yoke dress  with gathered skirt and I would describe it as a classic girl’s dress.

Overall, I wouldn’t rate it as a difficult pattern (because it isn’t), but it did took me over 1 hour to finished (ops!). Totally worth it, if I may say so myself.

Instead of embroidery, I added 2 vintage buttons to the front yoke.

Mannie 6

Again, because the construction method is quite clever (no seams exposed) you do get a professional-looking dress 🙂

I’ve sew this pattern before and my girl is now in the last size available (6 years), so this will probably be the last time I’m sewing it for her (obviously I can always sew another version before the summer ends, but I’m not confident about finding the time for it).

There’s a great idea for shortening Mamie into a blouse in the Children’s Corner website, which I’m tempted to give it a try.

The dress was perfect for my girl – she’s 6 and 1/2 years but she still loves to wear this sort of dresses (as long as they are not pink. Otherwise they would be rated as nightgowns …) …

especially when she gets so many compliments while taking a stroll in the old part of the city 🙂

The skirt is quite full and must be very comfortable to wear – it was rather hot outside, and she didn’t ask to take if off during the entire journey.

My favorite part? the ruffle sleeves (but you already knew that, right?)

Mamie 2

See you tomorrow.

KCW 0214-ice-cream-300

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia




9 thoughts on “Day Four: KCW July 2014

  1. Ana Sofia, Thank you so much for your wonderful review of Children’s Corner Mamie. Children’s Corner Patterns so appreciates your beautiful stitching and kind words! Lezette Thomason

    1. Thank you so much Lezette! It’s an adorable dress – she got so many compliments from people passing by 🙂 It has a vintage vibe yet it’s quite stylish to wear nowadays (and oh so comfy!).

  2. Cette robe est adorable !! Pas étonnant que ta fille ait reçu autant de compliments 🙂 Quel dommage que ce patron s’arrête au 6 ans… Tu en coudras à nouveau pour tes futures petites-filles 😉

  3. Adorei este vestido, Sofia! Também sou fã da combinação “azul-encarnado-branco”. É tão clássico e fica sempre tão bem!
    Quando me der autorização para voltar a comprar “patterns” esta vai estar no topo da lista. Girissima!

  4. It is so beautiful. I love the pattern and the fabric and trim. I wasn’t going to buy any more fabric this season but you are tempting me.

    1. 🙂 I know that felling all the time – but it’s so tempting isn’t it (ant least fabric doesn’t have an expiration date …)

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