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KCW July 2014 – Recap

By now, I hope you can all relate to the feeling of ‘Better late than never‘, so without further delay here’s my KCW July 2014 recap (sorry for the delay 😉 ).

For the Summer challenge, I favored simple summer dresses that, hopefully, will be making their way into fall (thinking about adding a cardigan an socks to achieve a warmer look).

The Geranium dress by Rae was first on my list, and it was just the right pattern to use a darling stripe print from the back of my stash (btw did you know this is my husband favorite of this series?):

A couple of favorites were also included – both from the Children’s Corner – and these were such easy projects: I knew exactly what prints and trims to use and the outcome was exactly was expected: dresses that remind me how lovely little girls look when dressed like little girls.

The Mamie is quite full and looked wonderful in red and blue plaid:

Mamie 1

And she looked so lovely in her Liberty Frannie (confession: she already wore this to a family christening and was absolutely amazing):

Frannie Betsy 3

On the last day of KCW July 2014, I broke my “sew only patterns I already know” rule and tried a new  pattern from Citronille: the Rosamée dress:

It was not her favorite (she isn’t keen on the colors), but I love it and can’t wait to sew it again 🙂

Of course, there were also some smarter looks, like the Clover shorts and the Fawn Lily tunic combo that got great reviews from my girl.  Definitely a combo that I need to be sewing more often for her.

And because I was also joining Marte’s Mara Blog Tour, a Mara blouse was also included (and sewn during the actual KCW dates).

Mara Blouse#1

Obviously, it was more than enough for one week (that also included kids and office work), but I had so many more planned …

Luckily for me, fall KCW is just around the corner 🙂

KCW 0214-ice-cream-300

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia

9 thoughts on “KCW July 2014 – Recap

  1. INDEED, WHAT A L-U-C-K-Y little girl. To wear all these darling hand-sewn classic clothes make her one of the BEST DRESSED. Sewn for the KCW July 2014 with lots of love by her dear mom! LOVELY photo shoot, mom! thanks fro sharing… Sarah in Minneapolis

  2. Lovely outfits! What a great KCW (I loved everything)! Congratulations.

  3. Just to let you know, you are one of my favourite bloggers. I just love your gorgeous creations and love all the Liberty fabric you use. I have never sewn with it, but maybe one day ♥ Can I ask where you get all of your girls hair bows from? Do you make them or are they from a shop?

    If you are interested you could check out my blog:

    Look forward to seeing you coming creations soon x

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Shelly! (Huge smile on my face)
      Most of her hair bows are store-bought, but because I find it a bit expensive I usually picked them on sale and always in basic colors that can match several outfits. For gym classes however I use the free pattern from Oliver+S ( They also have another pattern that I might need to try soon (Felt bows –
      PS: Thank you for sharing your blog link. I’ll check it later 🙂

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