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I didn’t planned a blog hiatus, but when planning our holiday road trip, we missed to check for proper internet connection along the way.

We’re back now and despite having spend (almost) one month without my beloved sewing machine, I can’t seem to get my inspiration back 😦

Summer is officially over around here, as school is starting soon, but the weather outside is not cooperating … It’s still too hot to start sewing for fall/winter, but I can’t go back to summer sewing, right?

I’ve made the decision that unless, my girl has another growth spurt within the next couple of weeks, I’m not sewing her more summer clothes this year.

Of course, and because we may be heading for 2 more months of sunny summer weather, the decision above may not hold true for much longer.

I can give you 2 examples:

First, back in May I made a lovely summer dress for my girl (that because of the bad pictures, I didn’t share here).

I used the Sally dress pattern from Very Shannon (size 6) and a fabric picked at a local store (the owner told me it was from The Netherlands, but because it had no selvages I couldn’t confirm it – it has a lovely paisley print).


I was capture immediately by the gorgeous front pockets (so cute) and, obviously, these were my girl’s favorite part of the dress.


I bought the Sally pattern when it was released, but took me forever to try it out (you know, the usual reason: too many patterns, too little time).

Besides the pockets, the unique square neckline and the fact that didn’t need any closures (simple sewing, for sure), did the trick for me. In case you wonder, it was indeed a simple project (suited for a beginner) and the step-by-step instructions are well written. This dress also includes a couple of options, that I might need to try (soon).

When cutting the dress, I decided to make the dress length as per my girl’s measurements and failed to include a few extra inches.

That was not a good option 🙂

For the last couple of weeks, she wore this dress as a tunic (over denim shorts) and it’s now on it’s way to another owner.

Also, remember this Serendipity Blouse made in early June? Well, I actually did managed to sew some matching shorts.


I used the Clover Shorts Pattern from Willow & Co. and some colored denim fabric bought from a stock-off sale.

I loved this outfit, but almost 3 months later, these shorts are no longer fitting my girl (too tight around her waist) 😦


Seriously, am I the only person that dislikes sewing for such a short time-span?


Did I mentioned, I’m so glad to be back here again?

I do have a couple of great sewing to show you 🙂 Stay tune!

Thank you for reading,

xx, Ana Sofia




6 thoughts on “Off-sewing

  1. I too bought the Sally Dress pattern. Haven’t made it yet. …I love yours – pity it’s too short!

    1. It’s such a lovely dress (I do love this style in little girls). I’m considering sewing a fall version in corduroy. I’ll add some extra length nevertheless 🙂

  2. It’s funny how sewing inspiration comes and goes. Love the fabric you chose for the Sally dress. Shorts and top outfit are really sweet too.

    1. Thank you so much Deb 🙂
      I’ve been sewing school supplies to make up for the lack of sewing inspiration 🙂
      They picked the style and fabrics and I sew – lots of pencil cases and gym bags so far 🙂
      Hoping to start fall sewing soon …

  3. Welcome back Ana Sofía. The detail of the pocket of the dress is so beautiful and feminine, it is a shame is tot short for your daughter now, but I bet the new owner will be a happy girl. I usually think how quick my daughter will grown up of the clothes I make, but I have been lucky because the most of the clothes she can use them for next year.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Everything (truly, everything) I sew for my boys last at least 2 years, but I never manage that with my girl’s clothes – she outgrows them so quickly – although usually I can expect a complete season wear 😦

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