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The end of summer (sewing)

Back in July, Linda, from The Merry Church Mouse, contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing her Estherlyn’s Jumper pattern.

I have to admit that my agenda was a bit of a mess at that time (pattern testings were going on and a few other projects were already planned and needed to be completed before the holidays). Still, I was more than happy to sew the Estherlyn’s Jumper (and Linda, was kind enough to provide me with enough time for it).

I ended up sewing 2 versions of this jumper just before the holidays – but couldn’t get proper pictures of any of them.

However, one of the versions was included in her holiday wardrobe and, one afternoon, I was able to sneak a few pictures (finally!!).


This is the second version of the  Estherlyn Jumper – my daughter picked this fabric from our local store.

She saw it from the window and asked me if I could sew her a dress from it. As I was planning a second version of the Estherlyn Jumper (the first version was “too pink” and we donated it to a neighbor’s girl, who love it), I knew it was meant to be.

The Estherlyn Jumper is a cute, simple design with an asymmetrical apron panel in the front. While I used different prints for the first version (one print for the dress and another for the apron panel), for this version I only used one print – my girl only liked this print from the entire shop and the saleswoman quickly advise us that one should never mix prints, because it would make the dress too “tacky” (seriously?).

Obviously, additional trimmings needed to be added to the front panel.

It was really a pleasure to sew this jumper – Linda’s instructions are quite comprehensive and this jumper has quite a few embellishment options that I might use for my next version.


I was not sure about the front apron when I first saw the pattern, but after the jumper was completed I found it adds a nice touch to the final dress.


My girl measurements put her in the 6-years sizing, but as I was looking for a slimmer fit, I went down one size (probably this option will mean that this dress won’t fit her next year, but I’ll deal with it later, lol).


The pattern ranges from 3 months to 10 years and because it’s suited to all-seasons, one can really get the most of it 🙂 Can you imagine a corduroy or flannel version for fall? (me too).


I wish I could have taken pictures of the first version (obviously, I was not the one who labelled it as “too pink”), but I know this version suits my girl’s style much better (and that’s all that matters, right?).


I reckon, this is the end of our summer sewing. Thank you Linda 🙂

I’m so ready to start sewing for fall 🙂

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia

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    1. Thank you for the lovely pattern Linda!
      It’s actually quite a easy sewing and perfect for so many types of fabrics and embellishments. I’m sure this won’t be my last try with this pattern 🙂

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