Selfish sewing (yes, for me!)

It finally happened …

I actually didn’t planned it in advance, but when you score a piece of Liberty larger than expected, your sewing priorities change a bit, right?

The Liberty piece (Edenham print) is (was) almost 2 meters length and while I knew it would make a lovely blouse/dress for my girl, I was itching to sew something for myself instead.

I found a lovely blouse pattern (Diana blouse by In-house patterns) and although it took me a few days to finally buy it, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

The Diana blouse features gathers at the front yoke, a pleat at the back yoke, a stand collar, a front button placket and cuffs.

Diana Blouse_Liberty_1

The blouse is rated as an intermediate pattern and although I din’t find it difficult to sew, it’s more labor-intensive than my usual kids clothes project – still totally doable if you take your time and don’t rush.

Diana Blouse_Liberty_4

Being used to buy my clothes from retail stores, I was totally confused by my own measurements (shame on me). I went with my retail-shop size (6T, mainly because I prefer loose-fitting clothes), but I might need to go one size down (a size 4 could provide a better fit).

Diana Blouse_Liberty_2

The pattern instructions are quite comprehensive – step by step instruction, very easy to follow) and you may expect a completely professional looking finished garment . For visual (novice) sewers like me, there’s even a Front Placket Tutorial.

The blouse was already worn outside the house and even got a few compliments.

Obviously, I can see there’s lot of room for improvement (fitting issues), but I wouldn’t rate this blouse as a failure). .

Obviously now, I need to find a slot for sewing myself a new version (voile or chambray, or both?), but I definitely got the “selfish sewing” bug!

Diana Blouse_Liberty

Do you have a favorite women’s blouse pattern? I’m on a mission to renew my fall wardrobe and would love to hear your suggestions.

PS: Don’t worry, I’m still sewing for my girl. I’m hoping to show you some new pieces soon!

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia





27 thoughts on “Selfish sewing (yes, for me!)

  1. This looks beautiful. I just finished the same blouse (which was to be a wearable muslin) and it fits well for the most part, but the sleeve seams are 3/4″ to 1″ off. Before I make the real blouse, I’m trying to decide if that’s the style or if it is too big for me in that area.

    1. I didn’t notice any difference in the fit when compared with their previous Agnes blouse. The sleeves look a bit off the shoulders if this is what you mean. I’m guessing that’s the pattern style. Could you recheck it against a pattern that fits well in that area and see the difference?). I did a size 6 and I probably should try going a size up for my next version.

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