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(Starting) Fall sewing

After a bit hiatus, I’m back on the sewing blog routine (at least, that’s what I hope).

Every new season I drafted a list of the sewing projects I wish to accomplish (yes, I think I’ve said it before, I’m “that type of person”: the one that writes lists for everything. And yes, it doesn’t make me very popular around here – kids and hubby are not very keen on lists).

Just for the record, I’m always pretty ambitious when writing lists (why shouldn’t I, right?) and I was not very convinced I could actually do it all. Yet, by the end of July, everything was done (obviously, I’m only speaking about kid’s clothing, because my home and “selfish” sewing was no where near to be started, let alone completed …), so I decided to start sewing for fall.

Taking advantage of the latest fall Ottobre issue (4/2014) that had just arrived, I decided to try the Magpie Pinafore.

I picked a favorite fabric (originally intended for a pair of summer shorts) and started sewing.

The pattern is lovely (it’s in the magazine back cover) and should be quite simple to achieve, yet I missed a very important prep step: Adding the seam allowances.

I’m sure everyone that has sewn from Ottobre never forgets this step, but, more often than not, I keep forgetting about it (…).


I only noticed that when I started sewing the shoulder straps (that were, obviously, too narrow) and I had no yardage left.

In my defense, I must add that because I cut a size above (I was sewing for fall in the summer, so it made sense to think “big”) the overall result is not a disaster, but the proportions are a bit unbalanced and the straps are definitely too narrow – it does annoys me a bit, but since the pinafore is really cute and she’s been wearing it quite a lot, I’m not really beating myself for this.


This Magpie pinafore is fully lined so it works really nice for the colder months ahead of us (and it was also perfectly fitted for those last days of summer).


Magpie Pinafore#2

My girl actually likes to wear pinafores and this one has a classic design which I love.

I’m quite looking forward to make another, more winter-like version, of this pattern, probably in a soft tweed flannel.

Happy sewing,

xx Ana Sofia


21 thoughts on “(Starting) Fall sewing

    1. Oh, thank you Justine! I only noticed my mistake because of the narrowed straps, but I guessed no-one else would actually notice it, right?

  1. It’s very cute! It took me a while to always remember to add seam allowances to Ottobre but once you get in the habit it’s second nature.;)

    1. Cindy, it always happens to me when I’m in a rush to start a project – and especially at the end of the day. I’m so spoiled by US patterns with all their seam allowances included 🙂

    1. Thank you Sara! I need to take advantage of the fact that she still loves to wear this type of dresses – these are rather easy to sew 🙂

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