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Let’s do it again :)

I’m pretty sure I’m about the only person I know (and that sews, of course) that really doesn’t mind sewing the same outfit again and again.

Usually most of the patterns I truly love will be made at least three times in the same season (and I’m not talking about sewing it for 3 different kids, although that could also happen).

Usually my first version allows me to test the pattern, the second version allows me to try a new fabric and/or make some mods that better fit my style or my child measurements and finally, the third version will benefit from all I’ve learned from my previous sewing.

Fear not, most of the times I actually don’t blog about them all 🙂

Yet, today I’m posting about the same patterns that I did yesterday.

In case, you missed it (I almost did, but Rachel was kind enough to send me a Surprise message), yesterday I was here with My Favorite Oliver+S Pattern: The Hopscotch Skirt.

My last version of this pattern was revised chambray version of the original Hopscotch Skirt using Liesl’s instructions for adding a front sash.

OliverandS Hopscotch Skirt_8

For that version, made a little over one week ago, I had skipped the pockets, but I kept debating on whether, or not, I should go back and add them. To make a long story short, yesterday I decided to make use of KCW’s 1-hour sewing time and added the pockets before dinner was ready. It was really a quick fix and I even got time to get a picture of my girl modeling the new/revised version of the skirt.


But, later at night, while I was editing the photos, I kept thinking that a blouse should be added as well. And since I wasn’t happy with my fabric choice for this Myrantine blouse

I’m sure, you know what happened next. The pattern instructions were still vivid in my head and this Liberty print was begging to be used (it’s a print from last season, found on eBay. Need to go back and check the exact name).

Sewing in the wee hours of the night, it’s probably one of my favorite things. Although, early morning rises can be quite tough on oneself …


The obvious storybook pick for this KCW entry: Oh What a busy day by Gyo Fujikawa (one of my favorite Childhood books. I still have the “vintage” edition in Portuguese, but a couple of years ago I purchased the English version for my kids).


Luckily, my girl was kind of happy (not really, of course) to model this outfit, despite pointing out the similarities with a “previous” outfit 🙂

Let’s save it for another day 🙂

So far I’ve made 2 versions of the new Myrantine blouse. I’m sure there will be a third one coming soon 🙂

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia



26 thoughts on “Let’s do it again :)

  1. I do the same thing! I am confident in what I am doing so I know I can whip it up faster then a brand new pattern and I know I will like the results so I often re-make patterns several times. You did a fab job with the bow and then new citronille pattern. I really want to get that pattern now! I recently bought the apolline pattern and have made 2 tops. Back to back.

    1. Actually, and because this is the second version of the blouse, I did added a few inches to the collar and front blouse. Third time will be perfect 🙂
      PS. Apolline was my first Citronille pattern and ti’s still one of my favorites.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful top! And of course, I love the skirt with pockets added. I have been a reader of your blog for a while and never left a comment before, but Liberty prints always look wonderful on your daughter. (I love Liberty of London and its fabric is all beautiful, but not everyone looks gorgeous in Liberty of London, in my opinion.)
    I would love to see all that you are sewing, too.

  3. Que conjunto tão bonito! A blusa é lindíssima… Tenho tanto que aprender contigo, Sofia… A fazer a maioria da roupa que as minhas filhas usam… A usar o mesmo molde várias vezes (acho que das dezenas que já usei, só repeti um até hoje…)…

    1. Adoro as coisas que tu fazes Sara! Não mudes nada 😉
      A mim faz-me imensa confusão fazer roupas que só sejam usadas uma vez (não me peçam roupas de carnavalou até vestidos de festa, porque sou capaz de torcer o nariz). E o mesmo se passa com os moldes – preciso de “justificar” (a mim própria) o investimento. Acho que é mesmo feitio 🙂
      Mas ainda assim, nem acreditas no número de moldes que ainda tenho para fazer (pela primeira vez. Ops)!

    1. Obrigada Soraia! E acreditas que só depois dela vestir a túnica é que fiquei convencida: achava o padrão demasiado “busy”. Aliás ainda acho, mas adoro 😉

  4. Adoro esta saia da O+S! E a túnica ficou tão gira em Liberty! Que sorte gostares de repetir patterns! Eu odeio! Muitas vezes quero fazer roupas iguais para as minhas duas filhas e, se não as faço ao mesmo tempo, a segunda fica por fazer…

    1. Por incrivel que pareça, nem sequer gosto de tarefas repetitivas ou rotineiras, mas em costura quando gosto de uma pattern, é certo e seguro que não me importo nada de a repetir até à exaustão.
      PS. Esta saia não parece nas fotos, mas fica mesma gira vestida 🙂

  5. What a delightful outfit. I have a picture of the Hopscotch-with-a-bow on my notice board, in the blue&white stripe that Liesl had on her blog a few years back.
    You have inspired me to hurry up and make it!

    I adore that wee blouse.

    1. You should do it Nicole!
      I added Liesl’s post to one of my pinterest boards and took me forever to try it. i should have done it earlier 😦 it looks quite sweet on little girls 🙂

  6. Eu estou como a Marta, normalmente não repito, mas porque tenho imensos moldes que quero (preciso) experimentar antes que eles cresçam demais. A natureza é muito mais rápida a fazê-los crescer do que eu sou a costurar. Já tu vais muito à frente. És a minha heroína ❤

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