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KCW Playdate

Obviously, this KCW is also a great opportunity (and motivation) for starting my girl’s winter wardrobe.

Around here, temperatures are still reaching over 30ºC (86ºF), but soon fall (and hopefully winter) will come and one needs to be prepare.

Oliver+S Playdate dress was released in 2008  (fall collection) and I sewed my first version soon afterwards.

Since then, there have been quite a few versions, mostly made in early fall that are easily worn during the winter months (and, fingers crossed, until the arrival of spring).

Personally, and although I love this dress made in solid colors (a chambray version would look so beautiful), I tend to favor prints (large, if possible), like this one:

Playdate dress#4

The pattern itself is not complicated, yet sewing the bib style yoke always requires a bit of time (at least for me). After this part is completed, the entire dress sews so quickly.

My girl is now wearing a size 6, and this pattern goes up to size 8 so I reckon we can still expect to have it in her wardrobe for a couple of seasons (assuming she will still want to wear dresses when she turns 8…).

For the dress main fabric I picked a floral twill and the bib style yoke is made from a baby blue viyella (both from here).

Playdate dress#3

I’m sure this dress will look great with tights, but given the high temperatures (even at the end of the day), she couldn’t be persuaded to wear them (clever girl).

Playdate dress#2

Yes, she’s grabbing a home fragrance jar. I’ve been told, it matches her dress (a word of advise: one need to know how which battles are worth fighting. This is specially true if your little girl dislikes modelling as much as mine).

Still, I love this dress – and so does she 🙂

Playdate dress#1

Thank you for reading.


Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia



22 thoughts on “KCW Playdate

  1. Ana Sofia, your sewn creations for your young daughter, are ALWAYS SO WONDERFUL, lovely & tasteful! You select high quality fabric, gorgeous floral prints & versatile patterns/styles. I love to look and read on your BLOG. Again thanks for sharing. Your girl is LUCKY you possess such artistic talents in sewing. Sarah in Minneapolis

  2. Ana Sofia, You continue to make the most beautiful outfits for your lucky daughter. I love every one of them. My sewing machine and all my fabric is packed away until we move house in 5 weeks. (34 days to be exact). Seeing your lovely work makes me itch to start sewing again. I can’t wait to get my sewing set up in our new house and turn out a few lovely summer dresses for Adelaide. I always love seeing your work. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Kristine for your lovely comment! Moving can be quite a challenge (and so exhausting) – I do hope it all goes smoothly and you can get back to your sewing in no time. I miss seeing your lovely creations for Adelaide. They are always so inspirational 🙂

  3. Sofia, como deixei passar este teu vestido?! Que giro que ficou! Adoro o modelo e, principalmente, a tua escolha de tecidos.

  4. The dress is gorgeous! I love that blue print. Good reminder that the Playdate sizes out at 8…I’d better make BK another one this year since by next year she’ll be too big for it.

  5. Lindo como sempre <3. Aproveita bem, a Rita tem 8 e embora adore vestidos, acho que não teria sorte nenhuma com este modelo. A tua tem sentido de estilo 😉

    1. Obrigada Carla – eu diria que é metade sorte (ela gosta mesmo de vestidos) e outra metade “falta de opções” (ela veste o que tem no armário …)
      Claro que tento sempre ter em conta o gosto dela – sei que não gosta de cores berrantes e prefere vestidos em que se possa mexer à vontade. De resto, aceita quase tudo 🙂

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