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You may already noticed some lovely vintage patterns designed by the super talented Suz: Sewpony Vintage here on the blog.

It’s not a secret that I love to test new patterns yet probably not for the most obvious reasons. I actually love to test my own skills by sewing a pattern as per the designer instructions and unleashing my creativity by making fabric selections that may differ from my usual (aka. conservative) choices.

Nevertheless, time is scare around here (you know it already: full time job, kids with endless school chores, family time, personal time, commuting and house-chores, you name it) so at the moment, I’m a bit picky when it comes to pattern testing – selecting just a few favorite designers at a time.

Well, Suz and her Sewpony Vintage definitely fit into this category: I’ve tested the Debbie’s dress and later this summer the Cosi swimsuit, and I have nothing but the nice things to say about both patterns – they were both instant favorites 🙂

So, when I heard about Suz’s new pattern, I knew a new favorite was on the works. And I was so right! The Sunday Picnic Dress was released just a few days ago and I almost couldn’t wait to share my version.


It includes 3 different versions with lots of room for embellishment (if you love piping, there’s quite a few places to add it) so I’m sure everyone will be able to “sew” a favorite Sunday Picnic Dress.

As much as I loved the dress, my girl wasn’t even a bit cooperative during the tester sessions despite been the one actually selecting the fabrics used (she’s getting more involved in the process) and wearing the dress (when no sessions were prepared).

With the Blog Tour soon approaching (and no proper pictures taken), I decided it was better to sew a new dress (and see if it might work), and kindly asked for her collaboration. She immediately declined (very politely, I must add): She insisted that she loved the initial version of the Sunday Picnic Dress and was not looking for another one.

It took me quite a while to understand the root of the problem: It’s a “Sunday dress” and on Sunday her favorite thing to do is riding her bicycle in the park. Because the weather had been cloudy and rainy during the testing stage, we had been taking indoor pictures!

The entire setting was completely wrong and my little lady was not pleased (and was happy to show it) 😦


Lucky for me, the weather has since improved (a lot), so she was happy to model (kind of, but that was a huge improvement) her Sunday Picnic Dress (with her bike).


Fear not, she actually wears a safety helmet when riding a bicycle. I was holding it for the photos, but she did put it right afterwards.

This version is quite faithful to Suz’s pattern – there are some minor alterations on Suz’s final version (the V-neck is slightly less accentuated and the sleeves were a bit narrowed).

If I had any doubts about all the work that goes into perfecting a pattern, there are gone by now. Suz’s was restless in getting the best fit for this pattern and she nailed the vintage look perfectly  I’m especially fond of the pockets piping on this version (the non-collar three-quarter sleeves version also features piping in the bodice).

My girl options were fine-whale corduroy (in a beautiful baby blue shade) and a soft floral viyella, which just happens to be one of my favorite apparel fabric for winter sewing as it’s brushed on the inside which is perfect to keep her warm. I had selected these fabrics for other patterns, but I really like the way they look together.

The colors are soft and pretty feminine – just like the pattern itself.

At the end, she declared the Sunday Picnic dress fit for her Sunday park rides. Of course, I’m not quite sure about it – I would rather if she wore it to the church instead – but I don’t think she wont be easy to persuade. I know this dress will be worn both for the park and to the church. Fortunately, both of us will be pleased 🙂

Today on Suz’s Sunday Picnic dress tour are also my friend Rita from Conversas de Hermanas with a lovely vintage version


and Erin from Spiegelstikses with a stunning version


The Sunday picnic dress BLOG TOUR will only end on Nov. 7th and until there Suz is offering a 15% discount on the Sunday Picnic pattern (use the: SUNDAYTOUR15). You can find it here and here.

Thanks for having me, Suz!

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22 thoughts on “Sunday picnic dress BLOG TOUR

  1. So pretty and so funny she wasn’t sure about the dress because she likes to ride her bike on Sundays!!! It looks lovely and I was very fortunate to have you help me test this pattern Ana Sofia! Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you so much Suz! It’s such a lovely dress 🙂
      PS. Trust me, it took me forever to figure what was wrong during the photo sessions. She’s quite a character 🙂

  2. Oh kids are adorable! They have such wonderful logic! The dress is beautiful – your little model did a great job picking fabrics for it! I just took pics of my daughter’s dress for the tour – we had to take a scooter for a photo shoot!

  3. Oh, this dress is so you! Really a classic beauty. You nailed it. And I loved to read about your daughter’s thoughts regarding the dress…

  4. As always I love your choice of fabric and your work. The pictures are amazing! and I think have a pretty story behind them.

    1. Thank you so much Maria, but this time my girl must take full credit – she selected the fabric, the location and the photo preps 🙂

    1. Obrigada Rita! (mas desta vez, ela leva o crédito por quase tudo (escolha de tecidos, local e bicicleta :). Eu só fiz o vestido (as fotos foram tiradas pelo pai).

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