Lotta skirt: pattern tour

I have a confession: the minute I spotted the Lotta skirt I knew I needed to sew it for my girl, so when I got to test it I was so happy (to say the least) 🙂 It’s not my first time sewing a Compagnie M’s pattern – the Mara blouse is a favorite around… Continue reading Lotta skirt: pattern tour

Sewing for Miss M

Last year favorites (still going strong)

I might just as well face it: I sew faster than I blog 🙂 Just kidding, of course, but that could help to explain why I have so many projects in the pipeline (waiting to be blogged). The weather is still quite nice around here (if you consider the fact that winter is fast approaching) and my kids… Continue reading Last year favorites (still going strong)

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Organizing | Kids reading

I think I’ve mentioned before my pet love for Organization. Actually, I’m not making many friends around the house because of it (joking, of course, but I’m sure both husband and kids would prefer a less-organized environment), but recently I found a project that was loudly applauded by everyone (especially, the little ones): the Kidlet (an awesome… Continue reading Organizing | Kids reading