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Organizing | Kids reading

I think I’ve mentioned before my pet love for Organization.

Actually, I’m not making many friends around the house because of it (joking, of course, but I’m sure both husband and kids would prefer a less-organized environment), but recently I found a project that was loudly applauded by everyone (especially, the little ones): the Kidlet (an awesome free tutorial by JCasa).

Usually, my kids beds are pilled with books – the ones they are currently reading, the ones they expected to read and some just because 🙂 Obviously, these books are always tossed in their beds and floor and that’s the way it should be 😦 (in my opinion, of course).

I love books so my idea was not to banned them from their bedtime routine, but getting everything a bit more organized – they pick a few favorites for bedtime reading and keep them by their bed (not “in their bed”). That’s why the Kidlet was useful – before the Kidlet, the books ended up under the sheets, or in the floor. Now, they are actually storing the books inside the Kidlet (the next morning, at least)  🙂


Let me not digress about the sewing process. As usual, I let them pick the fabric for the pocket and lining (the main fabric is a type of canvas).

This is a beginner’s level project and actually one that kids can help you with (just don’t expected it to be perfect afterwards).

My kids loved to help sewing their personal kidlet and I’m sure that’s part of the reason why they actually use them.

Ours were made to be placed near their beds (easy to reach), but there are so many options for using the kidlet and helping your kids, storing their own toys/construction blocks, animals, etc. I love organization, but I’m all for my kid’s empowerment when it comes to help me with the house chores 🙂

Here’s our final Kidlets: Liberty Betsy for my girl (inside it’s pink polka dots):

M Kidlet#2

And a pirate’s print from Sarah Jane for my boy (blue spots for the inside):

G Kidlet#2

Obviously, their reading choices vary greatly on a weekly basis.

My son current selection includes Tintin comics by Hergé, a collection of bilingual fairy-tale stories (English and Portuguese), a book on overcoming fear for children and his praying book.

G Kidlet#1

I’m not sure if my girl selection is typical, but I love it: The princess and the pig (a classic, right), The Gruffalo’s Child and Sarah Kay paper dolls.

M Kidlet#1

Who said organizing can’t be fun?

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

18 thoughts on “Organizing | Kids reading

  1. I need to do something like this, especially for library books! I hate the “due date scramble” that happens every time now. 😉 Totally forgot about the kidlet – thanks for the reminder. These are fantastic!

  2. Que optima ideia! Tenho que experimentar fazer uns sacos destes cá para casa também. (O do Zé Guilherme tem que ser tamanho XL, tipo saco do Pai Natal…)

    1. São óptimos Marta – e fazem-se mesmo num instante (eu já fiz umas versões maiores, para os peluches quando eles eram mais pequenos mas na altura não tirei fotos) 🙂

  3. Great idea and cute to!. Everything that help kids keeping all in the right places, is a precious help.
    The Gruffalo, Gruffalo’s Child and other books from the same authors are also greatly appreciated around here 🙂

  4. This is amazing Ana Sofia. I’m not very organized, but my daughter messy room sometimes drive me nuts! She has so many books and I have tried different methods to organised them, but every night while she chooses book is the same mess again. I definitely will love to have a go with this idea!

    1. These are definitely worth a try, Maria – it’s been 3 weeks now and they still use it (of course, there are still some books missing in action, but it’s quite manageable now) 🙂

  5. Tão giros! Cá em casa também somos a favor deste tipo de organização e claro, pelo estimulo de autonomia que isso implica nos mais pequenos! E claro, sem descurar o lado estético porque estes estão o máximo Ana. 🙂

    1. Obrigada Patrícia! Foi essa mesma a minha intenção. Eu não me importo nada de arrumar, acho que já o faço em “piloto automático”, mas é importante que eles criem esses hábitos 🙂

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