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Last year favorites (still going strong)

I might just as well face it: I sew faster than I blog 🙂

Just kidding, of course, but that could help to explain why I have so many projects in the pipeline (waiting to be blogged).

The weather is still quite nice around here (if you consider the fact that winter is fast approaching) and my kids still refuse to wear a proper coat in the morning (if I insist too much – which I always do – I will inevitability find the coats hidden in their backpack by the end of the end). Yet, I’ve already started to pull-out some warmer clothes and I found some of last year favorites (which obviously weren’t posted here).

As much as I love pretty dresses and lovely prints, I love the fact that my kids closets are also filled with a number of plain basics pieces that coordinate well with everything else and make our morning routines so much easier – and let’s not forget that its also quite useful for helping them pick their outfits on their own – and actually look coordinated enough to go outside 🙂

A white blouse is definitely a must in a little girl’s wardrobe (if you don’t mind about stains, of course). This is made of chambray and has a very nice weight – it did withstand the whole winter season and looked perfect beneath dresses, cardigans and and almost everything else. Pattern is Agnes Blouse by Citronille with an added peter pan collar with a tiny ruffle (size 6 with a bit of extra-length and without the smocking).

Agnes blouse whiteMy girl prefers dresses and shorts (and more recently skirts) but when the weather gets a bit chilly one really needs some proper pants. One of my favorite patterns is Oliver+S After School pants (I always skip the back pocket ruffle, per my girl request).

Besides a denim version (must-have for all seasons), for the cooler months a couple of needle-cord versions are such a welcome addition to a girl’s closet (and don’t worry about the color – these washed really well).


I’m already planning on duplicating the exact same pair of pants – these look perfect with almost everything in her closet and I actually prefer them to store-bought pants.


Of course, I wouldn’t actually miss the opportunity to sew  a couple of “basic” dresses, right?

There’s not much left for me to say about the lovely Mallory dress pattern from Children’s Corner (this pattern is currently discontinued, but the new Poppy dress pattern can be a good replacement). This is a classic version with the front pleats and lovely flower buttons (paired with the above white blouse).


I used a lovely shade of olive green needle cord, which was both warm and cozy to wear (as this dress is also fully lined it makes a great winter dress for everyday wear).

Last year, Oliver+S released the Playtime dress, which quickly become a favorite so there have been quite a few of these dresses (here, here and here) – again, easy to sew and perfect to wear, how could I resist?


This version was made using the very popular Robert Kaufman Chambray dots print.

To be honest I was not sure if this fabric would look “too dark” on a little girl’s wardrobe, but this dress worked so well with a variety of colors and was always in heavy rotation. She wore it with dark-red, mustard (probably my favorite combo), petrol blue and green accents and always look great.


Apart from O+S After School pants (which are already too short), all these pieces still fit my girl (it may have helped that they all have a loose-fitting and hence accommodated some growing) and are now neatly placed in her closet ready for another winter season 🙂

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

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  1. Your basics are absolutely gorgeous! I was just thinking of getting some of that chambray dot fabric but took it out of my cart at the last minute. Now I wish I hadn’t! It would work so nicely with the various colorful tights my daughter has recently acquired.

    1. I wasn’t sure at first as well (kept adding/taking it off my cart), but I’ve already ordered more 🙂 It’s a great neutral fabric and blends very well with other colors.

  2. Coses unas prendas tan lindas, tan bonitas… que siempre se me cae la baba con tus creaciones….
    Besitos guapa

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