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Belated [C…] Dress

Well, January is half-way through and I finally starting to post some of the projects that were completed (and worn) last year.

In order to make it a bit easier for me (i.e. less embarrassing), I won’t tell you which occasion this dress what sewn for (if you’re curious, you can check the sneak peak here).

Luckily (for me and my erratic blogging schedules) this dress is as perfect to wear now as it was 3-weeks ago.

DSC_0034Lately, almost everything I sew for my girl becomes an instant favorite of mine and, most important, of her. The fact that she gets to be involved in the process definitely has something to do with it – she’s now my “official assistant” with the task of selecting fabrics and patterns (with some guidance, of course, but it does make a huge difference).

She loves dresses and it’s very feminine when picking her clothes but she’s not a huge fan of pink, so it’s difficult to choose a “pink” print that pleases her (and that actually fits my requirements – quality and price).


This lovely muted pink viyella-type was a love at first-sight – the colors are perfect for my “non-pink girl” and it’s really soft.

We both love it and I knew it would be perfect for a special dress (it was purchased in early fall precisely for this occasion).

I used the Myrantine blouse pattern from Citronille (modified to dress-length) and the outcome was exactly what I was looking for. Simple and understated dress that is also suited for making the transition to spring.

On Christmas day, my girl was gifted a lovely wool short-cardigan that matched the dress perfectly.


I love this shade of pink and I’m so glad we have found a way for keep adding pink to her wardrobe.

PS. I just realize that this dress would also look perfect for Easter 🙂

xo, Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

17 thoughts on “Belated [C…] Dress

    1. Lol! She’s currently a mix of tomboy and princess Sofia, so I’m quite glad she’s loves my choices (most of the times, anyway). Otherwise, I fear it would be quite difficult to style her 😉

    1. Obrigada Maria João – as fotos não fazem justiça (preciso de uma máquina nova!) porque ao vivo as cores são muito mais bonitas e o tecido tem um óptimo cair.

    1. Obrigada Magda! É mesmo, o tecido tem um toque e um cair super suave e as cores são o máximo (não ficaram nada bem nas fotos. Ao vivo são mais giras).

  1. Hi Ana ! Congratulations for this lovely masterpiece. I am madly in love with this fabric, actually my baby has a blanket made out of it and I am dreaming to have a dress in the same fabric. Could you tell the me where you bought it or give me the references ? Thank you ever so !

    1. Hi Vanessa, This fabric was bought from a local shop in late-September and the last time I was there it was already out of stock (I was hoping to get more for my stash). Sorry 😦

  2. Ta Myrantine est trop belle 🙂 Je vois qu’on a eu la même idée d’en faire une robe 😉 Merci merci de m’avoir fait découvrir ce patron, c’est grâce à toi si j’ai pu coudre la mienne que j’adore 🙂

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