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February “Free for All” | Vest with cap sleeves

The amazing sisters, Emily and Ashley from FrancesSuzanne, are back with a new Flip this Pattern Series: February “Free for All” is currently displaying free sewing patterns for all of us, sewing-lovers.


I must confess that my will-power is close to nothing when it comes to testing a new pattern (either free or purchased), so I was obviously I was so happy to join the challenge.

Oddly and despite the numerous options, I knew exactly what I wanted to sew: the free reversible vest from Frances Duval Stalla

I had done it before (here), but because I used a faux furry remnant from a local I skipped a few steps from the original pattern: I did not used 3 layers and didn’t add the lovely quilted cap sleeves.

I was determined to do it properly this time, especially because the first version has been quite a hit in her wardrobe (my girl even wears it under her School Days Jacket). Apparently, this vest is very trendy 😉

Free for all_S is for Sewing 1

The pattern is written in French, but don’t let this prevent you from using it. There are step-by-step instructions and it’s such a simple project (the sizes run from 3/6 months to 6 years).

The pattern calls for three layers of fabric: knit/jersey for the outside, polar fleece/batting for insulating and cotton for the inside/lining. You end up with a reversible vest with the most adorable quilted cap sleeves.

Free for all_S is for Sewing 1

I used a crocheted bias trim from my stash for the ties, but this would look equally nice sans ties or with a bow-type sort of ties.

For this version, I used a basic fabric combo: tiny blue dots knit from the much-loved collection (City Weekend by Liesl Gibson), a tiny blue/green floral cotton from Hilco (remnant from a O+S Hopscotch skirt) and polar fleece as the intermediate layer.

Free for all_S is for Sewing 7

This vest would look so great in a variety of fabric options. Think about Faux fur, fleeces, corduroy or wool flannel for a winter version and lighter-weight fabrics for a styling spring/summer version.  And I’m sure a full-quilted vest will soon be in my girl’s closet ❤

Free for all_S is for Sewing 5

The only mod I made to the original pattern was adding a few inches to the length.

Free for all_S is for Sewing 6

I have to confess that I was hoping to add other free patterns to the mix, but a couple of last-minute deadlines at work prevent me from doing so. However, I’m sure I will be making for the “lost” time soon 😉

This is such a quick project – you can easily finished it in one-hour – that I’m sure you’ll be addicted as well.

Free for all_S is for Sewing 4

Thank you so much for having me, Emily and Ashley!

Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

22 thoughts on “February “Free for All” | Vest with cap sleeves

  1. Um amor… como tudo o que fazes! Gosto imenso desta pattern. Fiquei com vontade de fazer um para a Teresinha…. 🙂

  2. I love it Ana Sofia!. you know I did download the pattern months ago because I think is gorgeous and I wanted to make one for my daughter. Now that I see yours, I totally need to have a go. Beautiful job.

  3. Ficou ma-ra-vi-lho-so! Tão, mas tão bonito! A escolha de tecidos é fantástica.
    Sabes que este era um dos moldes que tinha em mente fazer? 😀 Estava indecisa entre usar moldes franceses ou japoneses para o meu post. Ainda bem que os japoneses falaram mais alto. 😉

    1. Estive até ao último minuto indecisa – apesar de ter pensado logo nele, como já tinha colocado aqui uma versão, estive quase para não repetir. Claro que depois, lembrei-me que tinha de seguir as minhas “regras”: fazer sempre o que é preciso e vai ser usado 🙂
      PS: Eu gostei imenso do teu molde e o teu painel do pinterest é uma predição -;)

    1. É mesmo um molde rápido – faz-se num abrir e fechar de olhos, e segundo fui “informada” está na super na moda!
      Por aqui, estamos fãs 😉

  4. Eu não sou moça de coletes, mas este, com a tua escolha de tecidos fez-me desejar fazer um para a miúda… será?! Está lindo Ana Sofia!!!

  5. Olá Ana, este molde deve estar mesmo na moda, já conheço outras duas versões além da sua e acabei de fazer um para a minha filha. É giríssimo e rápido de fazer 😀

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