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Pretty Birds – Blog Tour

Although I usually post mostly clothes I sew for my kids, my “sewing portfolio” also includes sewing that involves the actual kids 🙂

My kids, especially the younger ones, have a natural attraction to my sewing machine and while I obviously love to nurture that love, I’m often not excited for sharing my sewing with little ones when it involved sewing something that will be worn outsider the house – they still need more practice for stitching straight lines and actually “following” pattern instructions.

One of the few exceptions is when I sew toys or little gifts ❤

Hence, enters the upcoming “Pretty Birds!: 18 Simple Projects to Sew and Love” by Virginia Lindsay from the Gingercake patterns (Some of her patterns were already featured here and here).


Virginia contacted me to see if I was interested in sewing a bird – coincidentally I had just completed a Gingercake’s project (upcoming soon, I promise), so obviously I said yes.  This adorable pattern book features cardinals, hummingbirds, eagles, doves, woodpeckers, robins and many more.

Most of the projects are easy enough for a beginner (and others are more complex, but totally achievable). If you wish to give it a try, the publisher released the owl pattern here.

I was send a pdf version of the book and as soon as I opened it, 2 little bird lovers decided to join the fun. While flipping the pages, my heart was set on the peacock (or the robin), but they both choose the Bluebird (cute I must admit).

Although it wasn’t a difficult project for them, it did took some supervision. Nevertheless, look what they’ve accomplished (with a little help from myself, if I may say so):


They selected fabric options from my Liberty scrap bin – I wasn’t surprise by their similar options, nowadays they seem to do everything alike.


I assume that once I managed to find some “sole” sewing time, I’ll be able to sew the peacock quite easily.

Overall, the book includes 18 patterns for sewing your favorite bird and as a bonus, each pattern comes with additional ideas for customizing your bird. Clever, right?


If you would like to enter to win a special prize of a bird kit and book, there will be 5 winners chosen at the end of the blog tour! Just click the link bellow:

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By Virginia Lindsay

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Happy sewing,

Ana Sofia

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  1. O teus filhos fizeram um excelente trabalho 😉 Ficaram muito giros!!

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