Late posting (again) – the new Mara

Glad to be back here again!

The Easter/Spring break (really, already?) has arrived and as much as I’d love, I don’t find it easier to have time to manage everything. Like most of you (do tell me that’s true!), finding a balance between family/personal life and a full-time job can be quite challenging. Obviously, something has to be left behind …

Nevertheless, I can honestly, it hasn’t been sewing! I have so much to show and tell 🙂

If you sew for a little girl, you must have already noticed the “new Mara” blouse from Compagnie M. The improved version of the much-loved Mara blouse was released early this winter yet it took me this long to post about it her (shame on me) …

mara blouse_sisforsewing#2

As most of you already noticed, I love Marte’s unique sense of style and the fact that her designs are always so clever and innovative (I have a big crush on the way she manages to incorporate the smartest pockets and collars into her patterns).

I made this (beautiful, in my opinion) Mara version a few months ago (a bit before Christmas) and it soon became a staple in my girl’s wardrobe.

I used a soft vayella and piping made of a classic Liberty print (Liberty Fairford). The tortoise shell buttons are from my stash. Sometimes simple is better, right?

mara blouse_sisforsewing#3

As our winters are not particularly chilly she was able to wear it under a coat … or even without one (in early December!)

mara blouse_sisforsewing#10

This new Mara features the same lines from the previous version, but the fit is a bit more slender and incorporates more sleeves options. The pattern instructions are as perfect as usual and so far this was my favorite version of this blouse.

I actually love the clean look and the way it can be paired with so many other pieces (despite the added Liberty pipping).

mara blouse_sisforsewing#7

Obviously I couldn’t leave this photo out 🙂

mara blouse_sisforsewing#9

That’s my little girl idea of a “good photo” 🙂 I’m quite sure you can’t see the blouse properly, but she was so happy to find the perfect “photo spot” 🙂

Hopefully, now you understand better why it’s so difficult for me/us to get proper modeled pictures 😉 Love this sweet girl!

(in case you wonder, the denim pants were made using another basic pattern – the Oliver+S After School Pants pattern).

Happy sewing!

xx Ana Sofia

13 thoughts on “Late posting (again) – the new Mara

  1. A lovely blouse for a sweet and funny girl. I hope your daughter never grows too old to model for your blog. My interest in any pattern you use always increases after I’ve seen the actual fit on her.

    1. 😉 She’s a lovely girl (and actually loves everything I sew for her), but modelling is her least favorite part (obviously, she has her own ideas …).

    1. Thank you Maria João 😉 I wanted to sew a plain version for so long – obviously I couldn’t resist adding piping, but I think it still looks very classic.

    1. Confesso que ela não adora quando eu uso tecidos “tão básicos”, mas eu sou super fã, principalmente porque dá para vestir com quase tudo!
      PS: O piping ajudou a convence-la 😉

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