Flat S visits Lisbon

Earlier this year, we welcomed the visit of Flat S ❤

Apparently, after her travels around Spain, she decided to surprise us and showing at our doorstep.

Obviously we couldn’t be happier and took the opportunity to show her more about Lisbon (you can see more about her visit here).

Coincidentally (or maybe not, because these are hugely comfortable to wear) my girl wore her favorite Oliver+S Playtime dresses during the visit. As I never managed to post these here, I’m taking this opportunity to show you a close up of these dresses (same pattern plus different fabrics and trims equals very cute dresses!).

This first version was originally sewed earlier in October – it’s a soft vayella (from here).


Oddly, this is the only Oliver+S pattern I sewed that requires me to do a bit of mash-up, size-wise: The top part is a size 8 and the skirts is a size 6 (otherwise I would find the top a bit too restrictive on my girl. Obviously, she usually wears these dresses with a blouse underneath).


As you know, I’m a self-confessed blue-lover, but these colors (green and brown) work really well with my girl’s skin tone and as a bonus she had a matching cardigan (gift from dad). She actually wore this combo all winter (plus her much loved-sleeveless vest and a collar blouse).


The second version, was also sewed with vayella (I took advantage of a fabric sale here) and I went a bit bolder with the trim – deep red lace and a smaller grey trim.

I don’t think the pictures show it clearly, but I also added some growing tucks to the skirt bottom. This version was made in late winter and, as usual, I was determined to have it last until the end of Spring 🙂


Unfortunately I don’t have any modeled pictures of this dress, but it’s actually quite lovely (in my humble opinion, of course).


Thank you for reading me ❤

Happy sewing,

xoxo Ana Sofia

12 thoughts on “Flat S visits Lisbon

  1. Também sou fã deste molde por ser tão versátil! As duas versões estão lindas 🙂
    O post da visita da Flat S está óptimo, adorei 😉

    1. Obrigada Maria João! Não foi de propósito e só depois de editar as fotos é que reparei na coincidências – mas a verdade é que ela tem usado imenso estes vestidos (e outros do ano passado que já lhes estão curtos). São super fáceis de combinar e como são amplos, são perfeitos para brincar 😉

    1. ¡Muchas Gracias Sonia – de verdad que tus creaciones son una fuente de inspiración para mí!
      Besitos para Sofía – está preciosa con el ultimo modelito 😉

    1. Obrigada Rita! De inicio nem pensei que usasse tanto este molde, mas é tão facil de fazer e combinar que acaba por ser a base do guarda-roupa dela 😉

  2. It was great to read all about Lisbon on the Oliver + S blog, and of course to see your gorgeous kids (and you too) in pictures.
    these are very pretty dresses, and I’m off to check out that fabric link… 🙂

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